Great refinancing experience with our forum member

I want to thank our fellow forum member @Mortgage4Rentals for helping me with getting my loan refinanced at a good rate. I highly recommend his services.


He’s a nice guy. Can vouch for him


Thanks a lot for your recommendation!

Recently mortgage had some significant improvement and we have expanded to offer jumbo mortgages. We can now offer very good rate on the following scenarios:

Jumbo cash out for owner occupied homes, rate very good for 60% LTV
Jumbo refinance for investment and owner occupied
conforming rate also reached new low for investment and owner occupied.

Good timing! I was just thinking about refinancing a rental that’s currently at 4%. How do rates look for a 50% LTV investment property, $400k loan balance, great credit etc? Open to either a ~7/1 ARM or 30 yr fixed.

For this case, we can offer 3.125% 30 year fixed rate, no point no cost. Assuming good credit, W2 income. You can also choose 3% 30 year fixed rate, no point and lender can help credit partial non-recurring closing cost. ARM rate is about the same and recently nobody has chosen ARM for this loan amount.


What are 15yr fixed and 20yr fixed for same scenario?

@Mortgage4Rentals could you send me a message or your contact info? I’m looking to refinance my home. I just joined the forum and can’t figure out how to message you directly.