Great Work, Sunset Residents! No Weed Dispensary Here!


I am against smoking it.

But my tax guy is a loyal believer of the marijuana pills because his Cron disease disappeared after he took them for a while.

It is also good for Parkinson’s disease. The expectations are unlimited.

Besides that, Nevada ran out of it I heard. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This, Jean, is why we don’t want a marijuana store in our neighborhood. Of course you don’t care because you don’t live here and since you live in Oakland you are used to hearing about robbery stories all day…

Appeals have been made, and I have submitted my form letter to the Mayor. We ain’t going down without a fight…



Bye, bye Jean… oh boo hoo no weed store for you in our Sunset!!!

Wow, Sunset home prices just went up again @wuqijun!!! Don’t mess with us!!!


Suuuuurprise, suuuuuurprise, suuuuuurprise!!!


I would be looking at how to start my own pot business. It’s the future, the pharma industry doesn’t like it, you take pills without the effects of the marijuana but get results right away.

My tax guy got cured from Chron disease. He is working on the pot store owner’s taxes.

Don’t fight them, join them, good $ in that industry.


Craft beers have become a joke…I prefer Bud…lol


This is the kind of shenanigans that goes on when weed is semi-legal…


OMG, a fellow Chinese American messing around with a weed store??? How embarrassing…


Google SF and Chinese history on drugs.

I rest my case.


Uh, why don’t you Google Opium War instead…

We are the homeowners here, not you. In my book, you have NO say…


Damn!!! Well, you tried Katy… unfortunately it is like making a sand castle with 50 ft waves coming in!!!


Enjoy the free 2nd hand weed. :smile:

They should open one next to each of the approving supe’s house. Starting with Kim.


So when are they going to OK a prostitute ring in the neighborhood? Weed is never complete without hookers… :rofl:


Soon, you will be able to pick up some herb with that soy sauce chicken. Unbelievable…