Great Work, Sunset Residents! No Weed Dispensary Here!

Geez, even I didn’t know there was a community meeting about this or I would have showed up to SHOUT DOWN Jean Quan’s husband. Great work, Sunset residents!!! It sounds like you guys made it clear that you didn’t want him or his dispensary around. Thank you!!!

If Trump forbid retired politicians to work as lobbyists, are those politicians going to become druglords and open many dispensaries?

He’s maybe counting on it. Liberals are more likely to get stoned and stoned people are less likely to vote. This is why I get a libertarian bent every time the topic comes up.

Proposition 64 won, right?

Darn liberal cop…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I edited to say that my tax guy got cured from Chron disease by taking marijuana pills.

Nope…not wanted in the Sunset District (along with the “massage parlors”)!!!

Believe me, we Chinese have enough terrible looking/smelling concoctions to cure almost anything as it is…

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We can talk about sexual predators, republicans touching other people’s foot in airport bathrooms, gays, and the list can go on. No party is exempted from any bad deed.

I as referring to the public at large and not the politicians. In any event, cocaine keeps you going and pot sedates you :slight_smile:

Follow Israel, they decriminalized marijuana.

Please, don’t tell the hypocrite Christians about it.

Ok, Sunset Homeowners, this story got first dibs on tonight’s Channel 2 news. We need to organize and make sure that the Quans get it that they are NOT wanted on the westside of the bay. Stay in Oaktown. Even better, retire and stop ruining other people’s lives!!!

OMG, I am doing some work outside my home and guess who walks by, pathetic former Oakland Mayor Jean Quan with her equally pathetic husband, the drug dealer doctor, and a couple of their handlers or pro weed helpers. Jean, sees me, stops and wants to talk to me of course. She goes can I leave something for you to read? I say, hell no, I know who you are and I am not interested at all. Of course, Jean doesn’t like to take a no thanks and thinks I need to read her propoganda so she insists to want to leave something for me to read. I cut her off and tell her to keep walking…



I love it…Get off of my lawn…lol

Yeah, honestly, I am usually pretty shy in person esp when seeing celebrities/politicians in person but I completely detest Jean Quan that I just spoke up and said go away. The ONLY reason why she entered all of our lives was due to that pathetic ranked voting process. Are we that stupid that we simply can not add up all of the votes for a candidate to determine a winner? Oops, we shouldn’t bring that up again (general vs electoral college) shall we??? I actually had a garden hose in my hands when she walked up to me. I might have gotten in the headlines (arrested) for hosing her down. Here, Jean, how about a little water for your marijuana??? Gee, Jean, why don’t you put the marijuana store right next to your house since you think it is such a great idea? Oh, but that’s right, you don’t even live here in the Fab 7x7 do you? OMG!!!

So are they going to sell weed the same way they sell cigarettes? Just go to your corner convenience store to get some weed?

Well, you have to have a doctor’s prescription or something right? It may be down the road, but fortunately we are not at that point yet where anyone can get it legally like a 6 pack of beer by showing id. Just the idea that our local government gave credibility to the movement by sanctioning it ok on 4-20 at Golden Gate Park still has me upset. Doesn’t anyone else find it actually stupid that our federal government says it is illegal (technically) yet our states (some) are saying it is legal??? No wonder your kids are confused…

I’m not sure if weed is harmful to your health other than it smells really bad. Whenever I see someone smoking in public I had to hold my breath and walk way. Maybe next time I should cover my face and run in order to show my disapproval…

These cats obviously are biased against it, but I am sure of the data points brought up are sound…

Well, nice try guys, but pathetic former Oakland Quan and her hubby appear to have won. We got one more shot I believe if decision is appealed and it heads to our even more lovely full Board of Supervisors.