Grubhub Bombed. Anyone Buying?

Holy guacamole!


Way too much competition and tiny margins.


Grubhub and doordash should merge to take on Uber eats.

Amazon does restaurant delivery too.

You sure? Thought they discontinued the service

They invested in deliveroo in uk though

I had no idea they’d ever started…

Wow, you’re right. It’s no longer an option the the Prime Now app. Restaurants was a massive money loser on a per order basis. You know it’s bad when the losses are too much for Amazon.

The Ubereats app is way better then the doordash app. I really dislike the doordash app as they are missing basic sanity checks like checking your current location to verify the delivery address matches and so forth (very intuitive and basic stuff that you expect). since I travel a lot, and have to order in to hotels and random places, having an app that can idiot proof the user is very important to me, and doordash is not that. and their customer service is terrible.

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Buy and pray style investing

Shopify and Tesla investors? :thinking:

@caiguycaiguy needs to defend above statement. I have 0 TSLA and 9 SHOP :grinning: Haven’t bought back all yet. With @manch cursing, could go lower :frowning:

“It is a stark reassessment of businesses that purport to be software companies and aspire to software valuations, but don’t enjoy the lush margins and effortless economies of scale that software can achieve.”

I’ve been pointing out gross margins and employee counts for the ones that aren’t truly software companies or scalable. It was only a matter of time before people actually do some analysis. I guess I was just way ahead of the trend.

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How different are these companies from Webvan?