Guess Which 2 Countries' Passports Are The Best?

Yeah, try to become an American citizen, and you will find out one of those passports has to disappear. :laughing:

I don’t care what they say. I stick by my good old us of a passport. :laughing:

Don’t tell the terrorists you hold the eagle passport or they will chop down your head. :scream:


Um… they only do that to white Americans :rofl:

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they made you give up your japanese passport???

Gee! I am a Hispanic dude. :sunglasses:

The Indonesians either become US citizens and abandon their nationality (passport) or nothing. :triumph:

I was stopped by the Mexican immigration officers on my way to the once glorious US. I was doing it as everybody I knew from high school did it, illegally.

So, at one of those checking points, a new one, my guide, a friend of mine, didn’t know because he hadn’t traveled to the US for 3 years, well, they stopped the bus and asked for a photo ID. I had a similar document to a passport. I tear it apart and get the page with my picture on. It is plasticized, so it looks like a real ID.

Oh well…says the uniform guy, look it here! “one from the bird” and pulls me out of the bus, we are about 5 detainees. The bird, was the symbol of our national bird “El Quetzal”. The driver of the bus knows the deal so he waits for us, God bless his heart. He then, inside the office, ask us our destination but one guy says “stop the BS, how much you want?”. The officer then asked for $50K in Mexican pesos. I obliged, grabbed the $50K and he says “put them in my pocket”. So, I put them into his shirt pocket. :roll_eyes:

He then procrastinates and says “no idiot! not in that pocket!” :laughing: They are looking at me! He says referencing the people in the bus. The other guy again says “gee man! As if they don’t know what’s going on”, and puts his $50K into the same pocket. :rofl:

At the end, I ended up riding the train from Mexico city to Juarez, 17 hours sitting on a wooden bench, then, walking on the beach where there was a metal fence that divided the US with Mexico, right in front of an immigration officer who could have stopped me from entering the US without papers. Nowadays, such beach is blocked by the fence getting into the water.

Destiny sir, destiny. Certain things have to happen for you to be you, or for you to be at the right place, at the right time. :hugs: