Gun Control

Lone gunman kills 59, injures 525

Still allow guns?


After sandy hook when even killing small kids were ok for the GOP and gun lobby, there is no more room for rational discussion in this county.

Only hope is to vote the bums out.


Read the news in Europe. They use cars, semis, and bombs. There’s still mass killings. Oh, and most of what happens in Europe is refugees. So wanting to ban guns while allowing refugees isn’t going to make us safer.


So we should ban both guns and refugees.

Glad I haven’t pulled the trigger on those Backstreet Boys tix…

I think first they should go after the illegal guns and gangs first, I remember san jose was pretty safe when i go to college.

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But the Malaysian Airline incidents didn’t stop you from flying to Sydney though…

I rather pay more than fly on those questionable airlines.

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Sometimes even good airlines can doom you… think 9/11…

If that’s the case then I’ll just accept it as my fate. You can only control so much.

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What’s the reason that democrats want Gun control and republicans do not? Does Gun control benefit democrats and hurt republicans?

Majority of gun deaths are suicide. If there is no major difference in suicide rate between democrats and republicans, gun suicide should not cause the partisan differences.

Gang violence is another major factor. It’s possible that more gangs are democrats, is this the main difference?

The terror events should make no difference to democrats and republicans.

Is there any other big differences?

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I don’t understand why anyone would think gun control would work. Prohibition was an epic failure. Look at the war on drugs. All we did was create a crazy powerful Mexican cartel and powerful gangs. There’s still a massive drug problem in America.

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Because it works in most other countries.


The gunman Stephen Peddock is a successful real estate investor who lived his adult life mostly in Los Angeles. He’s also a professional gambler, a loner. Seems to have plenty of money.

People may become wary of Californian landlords now :cold_sweat:,amp.html

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Man, I take a day off and all hell breaks out in one of my fav places (Sin City). Not sure I will be going over there anytime soon.

I may not have any firearms but I understand and appreciate the right to bear arms. But, I have said it before, over and over again, how can the pro-gun folks justify needing military style assault rifles for hunting??? And I guess you need those thousands of rounds too???

And sadly, of course, gun company stocks rose today after the massacre…

RIP folks…


he’s a real estate investor, i think gov will target to bann real investing next, to cut off the funding to buy weapons.

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Come on, now… he was also an accountant. Maybe we should ban all accountants from being able to buy nearly 50+ guns too.


Am I in a forum with Americans or foreigners by the way some posters are saying…not so smart things about this horrific incident?

When people started dying in car accidents, somebody created the air bag. Not for school buses that is.

When people started dying of food poisoning, medicaments, somewhere, somehow, they created the FDA

Then the ATF, then this and then that government department.

After 9-11, the government created a rule that nobody would get into the pilot’s compartment and they would, and still doing it, make you almost get naked to search you in order to prevent the future terrorist attack.

Today, as we see 59 people killed by a gun loving republican (remember, democrats want to grab your gun, if you are stupid to believe an amendment can be taken away by an executive order, duh!) we see the police force trying to think how to diminish the next even by looking at how a crazy republican nut rented a room in a hotel with a view to the music event.

Then, police are trying to figure it out how to “watch out” for guests at the hotels with plenty of bags seemingly containing weapons.

Massacre after massacre the republicans are saying “this is not the time to talk about it”, but the smoke on the Benghazi embassy was still smoldering and they were already talking about putting somebody in jail for political reasons.

Well, enough for those idiots not understanding that the next time, one of them deniers or one of their family will be a target of something they dearly support, the use of guns/weapons made for war.

We’ll make sure we are going to be throwing stupid jokes about it. Who cares one of yours died. Right?

I agree with our Fearless Leader, if our pathetic leaders weren’t willing to do anything, nada, after Sandy Hook (innocent children massacred) do you really expect any change to come? I thought when Sandy Hook went down, surely, surely even die hard gun fanatics would bend some. No, these idiots would rather give up their children for some hard, cold steel…


Alex Jones, a profound republican nut, like some people I know, are swearing to God that Sandy Hook never happened. But he’s still loved by many republicans. Gee! These people really should be taken into concentration camps or waterboarded until they confess they are doing it for the money they get selling vitamins for the brain to his supporters or followers.