Hamas vs. Israel - Rules of War

This video is fascinating (btw, not very gruesome or anything). Assuming these interviews are real (I have no reason to believe otherwise), these guys admitted to being ordered to kill men, kidnap elderly, women, and children even though they were civilians. They admit that Hamas was using Shifa hospital and a school nearby for their base because Israel won’t attack hospitals and that they had been using ambulances to transport arms and important people because Israel won’t attack ambulances.

It occurs to me that they may literally not understand why Israel doesn’t attack schools, hospitals, and ambulances - that no one has ever explained to them the rules of war that nations have agreed on - you don’t attack an unarmed civilian, you don’t attack hospitals under the assumption that they are safe spaces for civilians, and you don’t attack ambulances for the same reason.

The looney left has made third world terrorists heroes. Ever since the Vietnam war the left identifies Americas as evil and terrorists as freedom fighters. Bush called for a war against Terror. But it’s really a war against the leftists and apologists for terrorists.
Hamas deliberately provoked Israel with the most heinous crimes imaginable. They hoped Israel would attack and kill as many Palestinians as possible. It’s working according to their sick plans. The left in America won’t even condemn rape, murder dismemberment and genocide as long as it’s against Americans and American allies. Biden is afraid to alienate the far let also.

This should become a major campaign issue. Hamas and the left want to drag Americans into an all out war in the Middle East.
As much as I hate Trump, he can easily win the Presidency on this issue alone. All he needs is TV commercial like LBJ used against Goldwater… the Daisy commercial… implying that voting for Goldwater would mean the start of WW3

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I think it’s better for it not to become a campaign issue, but yeah - it’s pretty crazy.

Interestingly, none of these men said that they were encouraged to rape anyone - just kidnap and return the survivors in exchange for an apartment and money. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen - I’m sure some of them did - but it wasn’t their orders.

In the age of disinformation Hamas is already denying why they did. Israel will never forget even if Hamas apologists ( including many American Jews like Bernie Sanders ) deny what happened… or try to justify it with words like colonialism or Apartheid or other leftist propaganda…BTW the American press has said little about American citizens and other foreigners like Thais that were murdered and kidnapped. And nothing about what is being done to the captives… It seems as if the American government is powerless. We are dependent on Israel to fight that battle.

Yeah, well - good luck denying it. If you want to hide what you did, you shouldn’t GoPro or video yourself doing it upload the video to Facebook.

Another interesting one… All the Bernie Sanders socialists should be appalled. At least Bezos, Musk, and Gates all worked for their wealth. Hamas leaders taxed the heck out of Gazans.

And yeah, the lack of mention or concern for the Thai and Filipino deaths is really callous. It’d be like someone going in and killing a bunch of Mexican migrant farm workers, and no one caring.

Wow. This is an amazing interview from an Arab who grew up in Israel.

Interesting comments:

  1. She was treated well as an Arab in Israel including being given a full education, healthcare, and her mother got assistance as a single mother, extra testing time for being an Arab at Tel Aviv (with the presumption that Hebrew was not her first language) - assistance which she did not get as an International student at Stanford.

  2. She points out that the IDF is made up of Arabs and Christians, not just Jews including some of her own relatives.

  3. The only ethnic cleansing that happened in Gaza was the forced evacuation of Jews. Israel removed every Jew from the Gaza strip and gave Palestine it’s own area in the hopes that they would be able to flourish.

  4. Three months after Israel removed all their people in Gaza, and set the area free, Hamas was elected, took the party who lost and threw them off the building to execute them, and then burned all the greenhouses that Israelis had left behind that had been used for a lucrative flower growing business depriving Gazans of the possibility of wealth. Hamas’s leaders have then stolen all the aid that was given to Gaza and are now billionaires.

  5. She and other Arabs who lived in Israel fully support Israel in getting rid of Hamas both for the safety of Israel but also for those who live in Gaza. And she points out that the “proportionality” standards are ridiculous. The war is not about killing an equal number to those who died on Oct 7, but to making sure Hamas never attacks anyone again.

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The war is coming to the US. Liberal policies and propaganda on American campuses has come home to roost. The anti western anti capitalist and anti American propaganda on campuses for the last 60 years has created antisemitism, anti Americanism and anti white agenda. It’s gotten so bad that they allow hate groups to advocate genocide and get away with it. It’s ok to call for the killing of Jews because they are white and Hamas isn’t… of course this is insanity and yet woke college presidents have no idea how to handle it…

They refused to condemn calls for genocide.
They should all be fired. UOP looks to fire it’s President already

Much of the blowback centered on a heated line of questioning from Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., who repeatedly asked whether “calling for the genocide of Jews” would violate each university’s code of conduct.

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Resigned… basically fired

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Good. I can’t believe these gals were saying what they were saying. It’s one thing to say “We struggle with free speech issues on this question”. It’s another thing to say “It’s not harassment until it’s acted on.” So essentially you’re waiting until a Jewish student is murdered before it’s harassment??? There’s nothing between “free speech” (And isn’t that hate speech???) and first-degree murder? Or is first-degree murder just “harassment” when it comes to Jewish students?