Happiest Cities?

What I glean from that is that, size matters. :grin:

What’s so happy about Salinas?

Boulder happiest??? Legal pot… I think they meant highest… lol

Everything you get at Cheap Cost !

I would have figured it in the bottom 25 not the top 25
BA is in the top 25… Tahoe too small?
Seems totally arbitrary

Enjoyed my Vegas trip. People there are optimistic energetic and entrepreneurial… Definitely bullish on real estate there. No barriers to entry may cap future appreciation though. Definitely a current shortage of rentals, rents going up

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Did level of optimism, energy and entrepreneurial spirit depend on whether you were making it rain with dollar bills or hundred dollar bills???

The strippers are very aggressive… Vegas strippers are probably the highest paid anywhere. Sapphire is the biggest strip club in Vegas… all about up selling… Thise girls should become realtors… The realtors I met were also very aggressive and pushy… Definitely not laid back like Tahoe.
High energy place like LA or NYC
I prefer the strippers in Texas or Hawaii

3 sins of investing in Vegas real estate:

  1. too far
  2. too far
  3. too far



I agree. But if you go often, good place for a second home,
I am researching second home locations for the swing seasons. Vegas, San Diego, Hawaii, Cabo
Vegas is the closest, can drive, and cheapest… Good weather in April May October November… when Tahoe weather is so so for me

Um… I wouldn’t want to buy anything in a desert. And besides, when you go to Vegas you want to stay in a nice hotel and have people pampering you. Buying a second home there is last thing on my mind. If I had to buy anything out of the area I would probably do it in LA, because I can see myself living there year round.




With global warming, it may become beach front some day. :rofl:


Pssstt…don’t mention that, it doesn’t exist. :wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:

Will not happen before humans become extinct…

LA and the BA not in my list… Too much traffic.
I want to be on permanent vacation, not sitting in traffic
Just drove to SFO… the Bay Bridge was gridlocked… seems to be 24/7…

People tend to be happiest when they don’t know what’s going on in the outside world. North Koreans are very happy. Do you want to live under Lil’Kim? Of course not.