Happy New Year

Golden Eagle on my deck railing


Happy New Year, everyone!!! May 2019 be a year of much success and frankly enjoyment for you. Not everything is about making money and real estate (it’s not?) but also about family and friends and enjoying your life as much as possible.

Happiness is overrated. I with everyone a very profitable new year! Let’s go make some dough!

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Bah Humbug :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t be a mister Potter.
Take the month off. Don’t look at your stocks till February.

Enjoy a Happy New Year for 365 days, no matter what would happen to stocks or housing market.


Happy lunar new year! Hope everyone is feasting tonight!

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Happy new year to all.

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Happy New Year!


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Why did no one welcome Happy 2021?

Happy New Year 2022!!!

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Happy New Year!!! May Omicron gently usher us into the “endemic” phase…


We were hiding from “the surge”.

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Year 2021 will be remembered as the year when dollar was severely destroyed and even people in the street can explain the ills of money printing.

Reworded: If I have to choose between the destruction of dollars and destruction of FED, what should I choose ?

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Chill, my friend. Yes, there is inflation due to money printing and the US Dollar is worth less than it was one year ago, but it’s not destroyed. Life will go on and dollar will still be the grease used for economic activity.

Life went on well even even without dollars and FED. FED added ills like uncertainty, volatility, and transfer of wealth from poor to rich.

You are right, life went on well enough before the Fed and the current monetary system. After all, humans as a species are several tens of thousands of years old and the US is relatively an infant of a country less than 250 years old.

But that said, now we have the Fed and they control the monetary system for good or for bad. Congress will not get rid of the Fed and return the country to the gold standard. So, we may as well get on with life in the shadow of the big bad (or benign uncle) Fed, whichever it is. They are not going away, and they will continue to print money whenever the economy softens because that seems to at least temporarily save the day, even if it means adding to a bad snowball down the line…

Do not equate FED with US and monetary system. You will arrive at wrong conclusions. Monetary system is as old as civilization. FED is about 100 years old. Dollar is much older.

I do not disagree with you. All I am pointing out is that it is futile to complain about the Fed. Not just the US, but also every other significant country has a Central Bank, and these central bankers are all printing more of their respective currencies.
So, just do what you can to take advantage of the system. Buy a good property with a jumbo loan, refi the same into a low fixed rate - suddenly inflation is working in your favor at least to some extent.