Having A Job Doesn't Mean You Can Afford A Home

“She had been living in a five-bedroom home in Antioch with her husband, her two sons from a previous marriage, and two stepdaughters, but when she got divorced and moved out, she needed to find a place to live that she could afford on her own.”

Is anyone surprised it’s much harder to afford a home with 1 salary vs. 2? Maybe we should go back to mortgage approvals only allowing 1 person’s salary to count for qualification. Divorce has serious financial impacts, and she’s divorced twice. Blaming others for the impact and portraying the person as a victim isn’t going to help.

But don’t you think the general gist of the story is true, though? If you had an average job back in the 70s and maybe 80s, a house was still within reach. Come on, aren’t we now posting stories about engineers making 6 figures complaining about affordability?

There wasn’t so much foreign money/competition for that SFH back in the day…

I thought data shows foreign buyers are a small percent. If they really are the problem, why don’t voters demand a foreign buyer tax similar to Vancouver or Australia?

Blame manch. Blame the feminists. Now every asset is priced at 2-persons pay.

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