Hayward vs San Jose vs Newark vs Dublin

If you were to spend $900k on a home, which neighborhood would give you the best net appreciate rate?

Would it be a pocket neighborhood of Hayward, or central/south San Jose, or Newark, or somewhere in Dublin? Which community do you think is appreciating at the higher rate and what is a good place to buy for the “long term”? It can be a single family or a condo/townhome. Duration of ownership is at east 3 years, possibly much more.


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San Jose


Where do you go to work? That makes a huge difference.

Like Manch said, you should prioritize your commute but here is my preference:

  1. Newark (you could probably get in Fremont too which I prefer) / Centeral San Jose
  2. South San Jose
  3. Dublin / pocket in Hayward

Last month, I was in South Hayward visiting a new home builder, at their project on Mission Boulevard and Industrial Parkway. That area was gentrifying so fast, I was surprised to see how many new townhouses were being built.

My builder was building about 190 new townhouses ($700K-$800K,) and there were a few more builders doing similar projects on Mission Blvd.

They said Marriott is going to build a new hotel next to them (not much details disclosed yet.) The city of Hayward is going to build a new 50-acre hillside park around Mission Boulevard and Tennyson Road. The California State University, East Bay (just up the slope of that area) has more admissions than ever.

South Hayward used to be so underdeveloped, which I could have bought a SFH for $400K just 3 to 4 years ago. Now they are selling hundreds of $800K townhouses, and people are buying.

Go take a drive there, and find some pocket areas. Talk to the builders, talk to the city. There is so much happening, worth looking.

Just want to share.


Thanks for sharing. Will definitely take a drive around South Hayward to see what is up. There’s also Hayward hills which I need to check out.

I am familar with Hayward Hills, and yes it is nice (good air, Hetch Hetchy water, bay view, etc.)

Take a drive – starting from the California State University, East Bay (recently renovated campus, pretty nice,) then follow Hayward Boulevard going uphill, pass the Hayward Fire Station 5, and make a stop at the TPC Stonebrae Country Club (private 18-hole golf course.) Enjoy the bay view.

When return – take Stonebrae Country Club Drive downhill, make a turn to Fairview Boulevard (big lots, some nice mansions, view of San Francisco,) pass the Five Canyons Parkway (it still has horse riding lane on the side of the road,) and checkout Castro Valley. There are couple I-580 freeway entrances and the Castro Valley BART station that connect to everywhere.

Hayward Hills used to be a hidden gem, yet in the past few years more people have discovered it.


@netaxcat you have been spreading the gospel of Hayward too much. Shhh. Let’s just keep it for ourselves. :wink: :laughing:

Knew that 5 years ago from my Elfa system installer. Didn’t meet my diversification criteria.

Ok. Shhhh… :slight_smile:

Can someone break down Hayward for me? Like all the different neighborhoods, the good ones and the ones to avoid? Where are the nice pockets of Hayward?

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City or MSA or county?