He destroyed the economy and put millions of American live's at risk

Had he left his vitriol and uncontrollable thirst for popularity aside to take control of this virus knocking on our doors, but no! he needed to feel the prevention of this virus was a vendetta against him. So, that way, he destroyed the economy, and sank the aspirations of many soon to be retired Americans.

  1. China Stock market is up?
  2. Germany…
  3. UK…
  4. Canada…
  5. Italy…

If he is truly destroyed the economy, voters will prove it by their ballot, wait and watch what will be the verdict !

Words, promises, statements on the part of the “leader” of any government have a lot of weight on the speculative actions of the investors, specially on this speculative stock market. They have noticed there’s no leadership in the white house. One day is a yes, the next day is a no. The tariff wars put a lot of weight on our economy, now, it is tired. Words have consequences when expressed without any thoughts behind them, period!

When he told us that the “flu” was something not to worry about, and kept attacking those who told him to take action, thus making the matters worse, he entitled the investor community to not believe on anything positive coming from his mouth. After telling us he had everything under control, and then proclaiming a state of emergency, he threw away all credibility he had, if any, out of the window.

3 years of investments, of daily ups and downs went down the drain. Americans in age of retirement, some signing out as of today, tomorrow or next month are greatly affected by the ignorant and deceiving attitude of a person who shouldn’t even be working as a janitor in their workplace. England had their Churchill, we have no leadership at all.

Being a leader means taking responsibility for your fox ups and rewarding those earning the credit.

A recession, which was accelerated by him, it is a reward for his ineptitude after he failed to put a stop to this virus. 25%+ of the stock market evaporated by his lack of leadership.

More importantly, the lives of elder people, some of you reading me, are at risk. I don’t see this issue only at the economic level, I see it at the human cost and the stress it brings to our homes. It reminds me of the days when the children at school had to “train”, to get into drills about how to get under the tables in case a nuclear holocaust.
:scream: :scream:

Dow plunges nearly 3,000 points as Trump says virus could drag on.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed 2,997.10 points lower, or 12.9%, at 20,188.52. The 30-stock Dow was briefly down more than 3,000 points in the final minutes of trading. The S&P 500 dropped 12% to 2,386.13 — hitting its lowest level since December 2018 — while the Nasdaq Composite closed 12.3% lower at 6,904.59 in its worst day ever.

“The markets are getting no break with yesterday’s historic Fed actions and COVID-19 dominating the world’s headlines,” Frank Cappelleri, executive director at Instinet, said in a note. “While the news continues to worsen and with the price action doing things we’ve only seen a handful of other times in the last century, it’s nearly impossible to keep things in perspective.”

“We can’t argue the facts, and we’re dealing with a much bigger issue than just the economy,” Cappelleri said.

The major averages fell to their lows into the close after President Donald Trump said the worst of the outbreak could last until August. He also told reporters the U.S. “may be” heading into a recession.


Diehard Trump worshippers like you would vote for him regardless of the mistakes he made. He is ALWAYS RIGHT. This is called cultists’ behavior :slight_smile: Anti-Trump like @buyinghouse feels he is ALWAYS WRONG. The deciding votes are those moderates like @harriet Voters have short memory, he can win if economy is roaring near election, still far away.

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I rest my case……. :joy:


Wait a minute. She’s a moderate? :thinking:

In last 10 years, center of politically gravity has shifted to the right. Left has no viable candidate in any country where democracy is practiced, except Canada. USA, UK, India, Australia etc All have been slowly shifting to right. Europe is in transition. Will corona virus stop that trend? Well not if the way left and media and government agencies are working. Remember, if you make people stand in mile long line for Toilet Paper, they can turn against you very quickly. They did not use mind when standing in line. They will not use mind when it comes to other decisions.

Another fall out of corona virus is acceleration of the process that has been going on for a while. Bringing back the supply chain for critical products like Drugs back to the united States. Good for America in long run. Corona virus could be a trigger for many long term changes. The fear mongering media may become permanently irrelevant, further strengthening of US economy manufacturing and entire supply chain returning to North America. No more American money going to support dictatorial regimes elsewhere.

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Fearmongering what? The fear mongering president (those evil Muslims, not the ones he is in business with, now the Chinese virus that was days ago a hoax) had plenty of time to organize a response to the threat of this virus. But the lame president engaged himself in conspiracies and lying. Nobody is culpable but him passing the opportunity to become so. He pretends now that he was taking care of the problem. Lying about the virus being a common flu, and that he had everything in control has repercussions. We all are paying a big amount of change in the process.

The manufacturing coming back to the US is a fairy tale I have been listening since this president put a foot in the white house.

The only fallout from the Coronavirus is the knowledge that we don’t have a leader. A leader, when he can’t command, delegates, not in this case, it seems that anything and everything has to pass by his lying mouth.

Funny. The once “conservative” party, the one criticizing Obama for “giving away money” is pursuing the same objective. $28 billions for the farmers with no interests gained, nor the money back, now, a Socialist check for everyone.

Don’t we love Socialism? Don’t we love too big to fail? :joy:

Say whatever you like. The talk is cheap. Supply chains are returning to North America. It has been happening for last 3 years. It took 25 years to send them away. It will take time to come back to the USA. Coronavirus has crystallized the consensus that US mush have full control over the supply chain. So the process of supply chain relocation to the USA will only get accelerated. Sorry. Canada just signed the USMCA deal a few days ago. Canada, Mexico and USA are on board.


Such as…

Frankly I am not sure. I am always not sure. Many decades ago, Singapore tries to push out manufacturing factories to focus on high margin R&D but regretted later and called manufacturing “R&D services”. It dawned on Singapore that R&D would follow manufacturing so reverse course.

Frankly the only way not to be affected by other nations is don’t trade, everything is self-sufficient. Be a closed society. Going forward, is interesting how the dynamics of international trade would be drastically changed. Looking forward what those think tanks will say :grinning:

The one thing Coronavirus made is a big dent on supply chain network of corporate america !

This corp america never even bothered to pay any hefty amount of tariff, but the shock the Coronavirus made here will make them rethink parallel supply chain sources and will likely revert manufacturing to USA (or similar reliable locations) as a standby operations.

See the difference, when economy comes back TSLA will likely recover faster than GM as Tesla has manufacturing unit within same country !

Death of international trade?

History shows closed society will eventually demise.

I will reserve opinion, eager to read what think tanks have to say.

Do not come to extreme conclusion,I can not say death, but parallel sourcing will be planned every company affected now by supply chain instead of basing single source.

Coronavirus makes all companies to aggressively allocate budget for parallel sourcing concepts/ideas.

It has created that much scare with Corporate America, much more than what Trump was shouting last 3 years !

I think the consensus is building towards what you are suggesting. Trading for the sake of trading has no meaning. The trade has to solve some problem, for example, if you cannot produce something, or there is some immense benefit is going to come out of it. The US allowed a huge trade imbalance towards a political goal with the Marshall Plan, rebuilding japan, or allowing China to come up at cost of manufacturing in the US.

Same imperatives do not exist anymore.

Actually, it is choosing how you want to die : Die from unfair trading, or die from not trading. Looks like consensus is emerging towards the latter.

So the monthly job growth in manufacturing jobs isn’t real? Jobs data is published every month.

Covid-19 should have showed you that we are one world not one nation.