Healthy Lifestyle: The West Dominates!

But Sac over the Fab 7x7??? I guess having fast food drive-ins every other block is good??? :slight_smile:

There’s nothing to do in Sac…people either hit fast food joints or the gym.

Sac is way more sophisticated than BA snobs think…In fact it is a huge diverse city with an MSA of 2.5m…Sking is 1-2 hrs away, like Denver…In fact Sac is much more desirable than Salt Lake City, Denver, Portland, Phoenix, Seattle or any other western city except coastal Cali cities…Better location and weather than any of them…Plenty of great resturants, boating, hiking, the river, Folsom Lake, old Sac, plus downtown is now trendy, hip and expensive…the foothills have geat suburbs, like Granite Bay and Eldorado Hills. .It is a primary destination for BA retirement and only 1.5 hrs away, allowing day trips to SF…Great for investment opportunities


I can see that for some people, but no way would I retire there.

Wow, Massachusetts!!! Down goes Hawaii!!!

With the new year upon us, let’s all do what we can to live longer so that we can be on here longer…:grinning::grinning::grinning: