Here is another example how crazy the BA market is!

Why not? You hate money?

Too much logistics involved. Stick with local when it comes to real estate.

Nothing against Asia… but in general I wouldn’t consider buying anything outside the Bay Area.

Prices hardly budged, just not much sale.

HK’s chart. It’s still climbing higher.

Nowadays, we won’t get any homes at this price 1.2M, bay area has become expensive. See here

Guess what will we can offer?

Because you are looking at big homes. At 1.2M range, you are looking at starter homes at less than 1500 sqft.

It is really hard with multiple bidders, esp cash rich bidders. Even though I have 50% down payment, when multiple offer comes, seller sends multiple counter offer unless the top bidder is 100k more than 2nd bidder !

Even if you accept counter offer, it is very likely you will get the home as few people quote 25k or 75k over the counter offered price.

I lost all there bids in multiple counter offer bidding. No one really knows who is going to win finally including Listing agent !

Easy problem. When given counter offer, raise $100k :hugs: I won my primary with $100k overpaid and $50k overpaid for 2nd SFH. Just overpaid and be done with it. House prices are appreciating at a rate of $150k-$250k p.a., so you are in effect paying half a year early.

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I already showed you the way and I’m not sure if you have listened. Just go directly to the listing agent and asking him to double dip. Some agents will do it and some won’t. But the ones who would will guarantee you getting the home.

Also, double dipping doesn’t always mean the same agent cashing both ends, usually just means 2 agents working under the same team.


Berryessa, 1500ft, slightly over 1M.

I got my primary with $100k over.

Large lot. What are your plans for such large lots? Hard to maintain isn’t it?

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This house is so borderline Berryessa that it almost belongs to Alum Rock. In fact, the zip code is Alum Rock zip.

I crush the double dipper too with my stratospheric overbidding :slight_smile:
There are many PhDs and very smart people like you, Terri and tomato… the only way to win over you guys is to be very aggressive and overpay!

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Large lot Not at all an issue for me, I tear down later in my life to build larger home.

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You can in no way crush any double dipper. You only crushed him because he backed out and refused to compete against your aggression. The double dipper always gets the last chance to go in at the highest offer price should he choose to do so.

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Well aware of this, wonder why is legal. Always wait for the last minute to fill up the number. I paid $110k over the last price of a similar house, heard from my realtor that the double dipper is only willing to overpay by $50k… chickened out :slight_smile:

Actually it’s easier to win over smart people. They tend to be over confident and not humble enough to listen to others’ opinion like realtors. :smile:

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They think they can crunch numbers like nobody can but RE is relationship business :slight_smile: Just to share with you, I actually bought a house in Austin lower than the highest bidder because the agents know each other, kind of friend friend thingy and persuade the seller to sell to me.

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So the seller gave up profit?? Interesting decision by the seller if you ask me. :slight_smile:

Experienced guys have forgotten what is the mental state of a first timer, be it buyer or seller :wink: Suffice to tell you that is not the only house I’ve bought below market, can’t tell you too much on a public forum :blush: