Here is another example how crazy the BA market is!

Not only Sunnyvale, but also San Jose any place is going crazy.

LP = 1.499M, SP=1.9M

Dec 2012 Price 650k !


I wonder how expensive the remodel was?

They added one bedroom appx max 350 soft and nicely painted, wood floor etc. Talked to listing agent and they were expecting offers above 1.7m, but final went to 1.9M

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Did you get your home yet?

Lost 3 offers so far, from 100k to 300k range level ! Including this home where we priced 1.8m

Bet more aggressively…

We priced 1.8 m for this home, goes beyond

Wow. I guess you wanted this house because of the large lot.

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Where’s your primary now?

  1. Daily 45 to 60 mind carpool commute to north San Jose I want to avoid.

Oh no wonder! I was thinking this still is quite a distance to MV/PA area.

Driving to MV/PA not easy, but Caltrain is there to north up to SFO 3 times morning and 3 evening

Normally, if listing is priced low to attract buyers, then a fixer should go about $200-300k over asking. A dolled up house should go about $300-500k over asking.

Why not buy in Berryessa or even milpitas? For 1.2 you can get something very nice.


I’ve been bullish in Berryessa for 2-3 years. I was looking at there and Santa Clara if I stayed in the bay area. Berryessa is nicer but not as centrally located. There’s a pocket of it that has schools that are quite a bit better than Santa Clara. It’s also getting BART (although not sure that’s a plus based on the BART thread). It seems like a plus to people commuting to SF. Berryessa will be a good commute to SF and N SJ.

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Yes berryessa is really nice. Jerry Yang of Yahoo fame grew up there. It’s on my buy list if I had money. :cry:

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Stop reminding me of the $450k SFH deal in berryessa I walked away from back in 2011…

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Damn… I didn’t buy any houses in NYC when I was there 1987 :cry:

Did Singapore have SARS? How was the property market back then?

In Hong Kong it dropped like a stone. People who bought in 2003 saw their property value 5-10x compared to now.

Not interested in buying in Asia no matter the appreciation…

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