Here Ya Go, SF SFH $499K

Good address number too!!!

What’s the catch? I say 300K overbid easy.

No catch. Certain to be overbid on, but keep in mind of the area. Still marginal if I recall.

As my wife would remind me, it’s on the bad side of Halloway.

We all can’t be on the good side of Holloway…

That “side” of Holloway has improved dramatically though. It is just that some parts as you go farther South and beyond to where the Muni tracks are, can be kinda bad still. I am not exactly sure where this property is, relative to the M line streetcar tracks. It needs some work, but nothing like an Ebay type of starting price to drum up action…

It’s very far away from the street cars. I counted 7 blocks. And being only one block south of Holloway it’s on the bad side but not too bad.

So, it should be fine then. Does a bus route run along Grafton? I want to say yes.

Geez, Sunday’s open house will be a zoo for sure. I may have to brave the rain and storm to check this out. See y’all there!!!