Here you go, Manch

Granted, it may go higher, way higher but you like those condos…

$1,100 a foot? Nah…

But, but, it’s Bernal Heights the new Noe Valley…:wink:

I was at Noe yesterday, and NO! BH is NOT the new Noe Valley. Glen Park is.

BH houses all have teeny tinny lots. What’s up with that?

Ok, Noe is no joke… (I don’t particularly like the exterior look but the interior is nice)

Noe is where all the cool kids hang out these days… Sorry you old fogies at SFW…

I don’t think anyone is remotely crying about living in St Francis Wood…seriously

Uh, how much is Amazon shipping???:slight_smile:

Flat roof and snow don’t mix.

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