Hey, I Thought You Said SJ Was Cheap


Is your SJ home like this one???


Holy crap!

If my SJ house were like that you would have to kill me to get me moved to SF.

My wife loves Eichler. She still remembers fondly an Eichler we toured in Foster City. That one had an atrium in the middle of the house. Super nice.

So why would you move to the city if you had kids? I thought the sterotype was that you had to leave the city for better schools, houses, etc. I don’t subscribe to that theory by the way as I have seen some friend’s kids do quite well from having gone to SF public schools. And that is recent.

SF has wider, more off-beat choices in its public schools. We want the kids to have Chinese imbedded in the curriculum. That’s the only way to really master Chinese. It’s a freaking hard language. Even I forgot how to write many of the words by hand.

So SF has 5 or 6 of these Chinese immersion public schools, and SJ has none. RWC actually started one this year, but it’s too new and our kids would be the guinea pig. We also applied to one in Berkeley but didn’t get in… :frowning: Cupertino and Palo Alto both have one. Too bad I can’t afford neither…

I am a very, very reluctant resident of this so-called greatest city in the world… :disappointed:

Ahhh, makes sense now. Hopefully, the kids will appreciate the sacrifices you guys made on their behalf by moving to such a “terrible” city like San Francisco :cry:. But in the meantime, another news story about San Jose and SF and the all important job link to real estate.

SF is not bad. I just need to make (much) more money to afford more space. I have never been more motivated. Haha

The SJ Eichler just went pending… People have money, folks.

Wow, didn’t think you would like that one that much…

Sorry. Should have made it clearer:

OTHER people have money, folks.

Sold. 1.65M.

Wow, I suppose not surprising. It is a nice home, if you like that kind of style. I don’t know the neighborhood or SJ like you do but there goes my thing about the nice ones being really fought over. I don’t care about the general state of housing when I say that. The astute buyer will see the value of something extraordinary and will simply go, heck, if I don’t go with my best offer, only I have to blame and if I get beat well so be it but I left all out there. Buying homes around here has turned into Game 7.

Manch, don’t you have to win school lotteries to get into those immersion schools in SF? I had the impression that the odds aren’t very good.

Odds are not that bad, as many schools now offer those programs. I think there are like 6 or even more. Lotteries are actually not a bad thing, because the whole SF is one big school district. You can live in lower cost parts of SF and still goes to school in pricey neighborhoods.