Hey, Portugal Would Be Nice!



Portugal is overrated. And I am one quarter Portugese. Food is good but not as good as the rest of Europe. Not as tourist friendly as other European countries… Best part is the beaches in the Algarve… and good red wines. Used to be dirt cheap, not anymore… National fish is pork and clams… very good… Probably would be enjoyable for an Asian palate… Great grilled sardines on the beach… Used to be the poorest country in Europe… lots of EU investment has changed things… But Italy has better food, scenery and friendlier people…


Correction: poorest nation in Western Europe. Many Eastern European are poorer.


I said used to be, by the old definition. It is still the poorest in Western Europe.



Portugal has lax immigration policies. You only need 500K EUR to secure residency.


Not unless you can speak Portuguese, don’t go and live there.


You can go anywhere in EU with portugese passport. Britain ain’t gonna be one unfortunately so maybe Switzerland or Germany?


Do you speak German?


500k euro can’t buy you a tiny condo in HK. Why aren’t everybody in HK going to Portugal already? I though many youngsters hate China and by association the HK government?


Because Portugal took a lesson from Trump and reject them like the yellow peril they are :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’m trying to explain why RE is booming over there. Foreign investors’ end goal is the EU passport. Never said I want to move to Portugal, although my favorite athlete is Portuguese…


Because they are lame. All they do is complain but they don’t do anything about it.


Because of his skill or his look?


Both, and most importantly his perseverance. The guy never gives up, ever.


Ok then you’re only 50% shallow… :rofl:


His main competitor is more talented than him, but I don’t like people who threaten to quit when they lose. What a coward.