Hey, She Buys and Holds Too (Never Sells!)

Barbara is my second favorite Shark (first being Mr. Wonderful).

Really? I don’t watch the show much to know their nicknames but when I looked up Mr. Wonderful I said, OMG, not him!!! Isn’t he just over the top at times? Granted, Mark Cuban needs to worry about running his pathetic basketball team first instead of the US but isn’t he at least somewhat more credible or reasonable than Mr. Wonderful???

Mr Wonderful is more arrogant and unlikable than Trump…entertaining maybe…But the Sharks are not a likeable bunch…nasty hustlers…People are on the show for the publicity . …Business is not the main attraction

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Mark Cuban doesn’t stand out in the show. Let’s face it, nobody likes to watch nice people, just like how American Idol was never the same after Simon Cowell left.

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He knows how to take advantage of the uneducated. One guy did it once, two will do it as a legacy. :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:

I’ve learned that to not burn your bridges you better be quiet and move when it’s convenient. Cuban is there, I’ve seen him, not that I can say he is a charming person, but he knows how and when to open his mouth. Unlike somebody I know somewhere…:crazy_face:

Isn’t Cuban probably the richest of all the Sharks?

I like that he always says why he’s not investing and usually offers some helpful advice to the entrepreneurs. If I had an invention, I’d want to go on the show just for the free publicity.

I have a friend that got an investment from Daymond. He is already a multi millionaire from starting a telecom company years ago. He didn’t need the cash, but the connections and PR are worth it. It should greatly accelerate things for him.

Yes Mr. Wonderful is great - I hope he keeps it up. Don’t be like Simon Cowell. I stopped watching America’s Got Talent a while back because he softened.

(Note to those future @harriet suitors: better not be soft, she will eat you alive… )

Well I like watching mean people on TV but that doesn’t mean it’s my preference IRL :unamused:

It could mean either your ideal self or your ideal partner, or your parent etc :rofl:

So applying Corcoran’s method in the Bay Area means we need to buy in East San Jose?