Hey Techie! You are leaving the US, aren't you?


I am inclined to say that this country is becoming what we used to berate other countries for. This administration is asking tech companies to snitch on their ex-and employees. So, if you are not a citizen, be careful, you better bend over rather than criticize your place of work, or the politics, when you’re exercising your first amendment, you know, saying something for the betterment of your community or workplace, or face the consequences, you will become an enemy of the state.

Oh, somewhere I read Amazon is helping the government with some algorithmic.

So, who is going to snitch on his/her fellow comrade? Raise your hand! (you know where this is going) :crazy_face::smiley:

The Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement is seeking assistance from technology companies to monitor visa holders in the United States, ProPublica reported Wednesday.

ICE officials explained at a conference last week that they are hoping to develop algorithms that would assess potential threats posed by visa holders, and conduct social media surveillance of those deemed high risk. Microsoft, Deloitte and Motorola Solutions were among the companies in attendance.

“We have millions and millions and millions of people coming every year, and subsequently departing, so we have to be smart about it,” said Louis Rodi, deputy assistant director of one of ICE’s national security programs.

Carissa Cutrell, a spokeswoman for ICE, told ProPublica that the Department of Homeland Security has not actually begun building such a program, but was simply gathering information from industry leaders.

ICE officials told tech companies last week that the department hopes to get automated notifications about any visa holders’ social media activity. ICE already monitors some social media posts, but plans to expand its operation.

President Dump :smiley: has since taking office repeated calls for “extreme vetting,” ramping up those calls in the wake of terrorist attacks. The Trump administration has also sought to ban immigrants from certain countries.