High ROI Investment Properties

Founder of Caproi [1] here. If you’re looking to find investment properties with high cap rate we’ve made a tool to do just that. No more spreadsheets and complicated formulas. See the same listings as MLS but with a cap rate based on rental comps and airbnb comps. Listings are as up-to-date as MLS.

[1] https://caproi.com

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Your link/website ain’t working…

Just checked it and seems to load ok. Can you paste the error here?

You posting on the wrong forum…If you arent talking about stocks, chicken wings or Trump nobody is interested on this forum…:sunglasses:


Yes, figured our product definitely lacked chicken wing appeal, but working on it.

Someone else should try…my company’s firewall unfortunately is deeming this to be suspicious…(not unusual, we can’t access certain sites) even though our department works with startups and industries of all types that sometimes when we want to research a client we can’t. Stupid…

I understand. Maybe worth giving this Chrome proxy extension a try, probably blocked too: Proxy SwitchyOmega - Chrome Web Store

Stop checking this site at work. :wink:

Use your phone during breaks or at home.

No really we work with a lot of industries from gaming to startups and we are researching the internet all the time if it is new client or prospect client and we want some dirt. It really is part of our jobs but I guess the rest of the company is watching espn, porn, etc so firewall is so tight that Donald would be impressed.

I have a website and the hosting company will not allow certain words, I have run into 3 or 4 words and if you include them on a page then it will not show up on the site.

Several years ago I had a few hundred websites at hostgator and they shut all my websites down down one day because one site had the word “forex” when I called to talk to them about it they said too bad go some place else for your hosting and they would not give me a refund for the remaining part of the year I had paid in advance.

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