Highend prices dropping..Not a fan of zero hedge..But highend market has definitely seen a drop off

Those are mostly luxury vacation homes. It makes sense those people are waiting given the election drama.

Any update? Are the rich buying again?

LOL! You are one of the rich guys. Are you and friends buying yet? :smile:

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Has the highend heated up?..Bunch of houses in Tahoe Keys over $1m sitting around…But under $1m market is hot in South Lake Tahoe …one 7 unit building went pending in 5 days at $789k…sounds like BA money

I bought and the buyers are coming…Just like the new batches of baby geese…every summer June 15th kicks off the buying season in Tahoe…Should be huge with lake at record high levels.

The Feds hiked interests now. Will it have any impact on buying over there?

I doubt it. …Stiil very low rates…Rate hike means economy is booming which is bullish for tourist towns.
No vacanies, full restaurants, clogged roads and attractions. …Economic booms times not see for 12 years…Booyah…I hit the ground running in 2013 and am giong to start cashing in, before Trump blows it…lol


Geez, a 50% haircut (maybe overpriced in the first place but still…)

Ross is too far from the Tech money tree. …An old money house in a new money economy. .Marin is so 20th century…lol