Hillary vs Donald.... Bernal Heights vs Golden Gate Heights

This BH home was being oohed and aahed by Curbed. I don’t care for it personally, so I better back it up with something better, right? Here ya go, this GGH beauty is even 300k cheaper!!! Bernal Heights is overrated, @manch!!!

Bernal Heights:


Golden Gate Heights:


Please, nothing is Donald in SF, OK?

Dog Patch???:slight_smile:

Noooo, it was just in the spirit of the back and forth between them. I was not assigning necessarily either neighborhoods to either candidates either… I am just sick and tired of this election garbage. Let’s move on, ok country???

Give the Dems WH, Senate and House and we will call it the race, deal? :smiling_imp:

Yeah, but the bernal place has Edison bulbs! That is worth at least a 300K premium. I wonder if those light bulbs are locally sourced and artisanal?

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