Hillsborough New House

Can someone explain why it takes up to 3 years to build a house in HB?
And the process that goes into this.

It’s almost impossible to find anything quality, new, or modern/aesthetically pleasing in that neighbourhood.
(Unless someone built for themselves and endured the 3 years torture).

Please share if there are workarounds to shorten this atypical length of time to build.

Thank you

Hillsborough like most expensive communities is full of people that don’t want you there, nimbyies. So they encourage their building officials to make your life, or any newby, a living hell. Like one told me, you don’t have to build in our town. That is why you need to hire contractors and designers that know these people and actually can get something built. The idea that you can break the mold and beat the system is naive and will make you very frustrated.

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