HK is like California, Singapore is like Texas

Migration from Hong Kong to Taiwan surges 28%. Why do these HKers choose Taiwan over Singapore?

Hong Kongers feel their culture, their food, their cinema, whatever, is far more sophisticated than Singapore.

Not surprised :crazy_face: HKers felt that they are the best in Asia.

Hong Kong is a kind of California—liberal, cosmopolitan, sophisticated, expensive, but hipster, though falling behind economically. Singapore is a kind of Texas—conservative, and perceived as very boring and culturally backwards, where people speak with thick, funny accents and are so provincial that they think Tex-Mex (or laksa or chili crab, in Singapore’s case) is the best food in the world. Yet, like Texas, Singapore is the more efficiently run place that is absolutely kicking its liberal rival’s butt (California and Hong Kong, respectively).


Singapore has mandatory military service for all male citizens, while Taiwan has recently abolished this.

Hong Kongers value liberty, individualism, and free speech a lot, and they see Singapore as a very conformist, semi-authoritarian society. Taiwan seems much more democratic.

In other words, lots of hot airs, but no dying for the nation.