Hmm, Maybe Best For Fewer Children In SF

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So in addition to evading rent control, yet another reason to buy houses built after 1980.

Most of the SF buildings need to be demolished and rebuilt, especially the rent controlled buildings. City should require landlords to evict tenant and build new rental housing.

It’s really scary. Given the preponderance of old homes in the bay area, a word of caution not just for parents, but flippers/remodelers/painters as well. I’m reading that it helps to paint over lead paint (encapsulation) but lead is still prone to getting out in chips or scratches, especially via windows and doors. I did not realize that there are connections between childhood exposure to lead with ADHD and violent tendencies :anguished:.

Why is lead still produced and used in many products? Should the government send death penalty to all the executives at lead producers and forbid usage of lead in any household products?

I’ve been wondering why there are so many ADHD cases in US. This explains.

SF’s politicians are so hungry for powers. They want to have the power to decide who can live in their city, what kind of houses should be built, how many homeless they want to have, how many kids should be in the city.

Norman Yee has been supporting bad policies and against mayor. But it’s better to have more kids instead of homeless men. But how many kids want to live in a city full of homeless men and their poops?

Norman Yee is a joke as well as most of the stupidvisors in the past. Oh, so now you plan on looking at it (the situation), Norman? Gee, that’s nice. You could have done that while you and your pathetic teammates were drawing up legislation on regulating Happy Meals and honoring criminals.

I do not understand why there are quite a few Asian SF supervisors are progressive. Asian communities are mostly moderate or conservative, why SF’s Asian supervisors are leftists?

Norman Yee: reelected
Sandra Lee Fewer: newly elected
Jane Kim: worst and will be out

On the other hand, all the black supervisors are moderates.

London Breed
Malia Cohen

Latino supervisors are 100% progressive

Hillary Ronen: newly elected
David Campos: Gone
John Avalos: Gone

It seems that Black supervisors are the best, 100% moderate. Latino supervisors are the worst, 100% progressive. Asian and White supervisors are partially good and partially bad, some moderates and some progressive.

Well, a lot of Asians obviously grew up poor or lower incomed, so for those folks they side with the same as a way of giving back since they perhaps were helped too. I don’t have a problem with that. What I have a problem with is representatives who really are not in on the pulse of what is really needed for the city and its LAWFUL citizens. You know, the ones that pay the taxes that keep the lights on? How long have we known about families fleeing the city for greener pastures? Eons, correct?

Quite frankly, the African American ones are not any better. Wasting time and making a day in honor of a criminal while caring less about when a young lady is gunned down by an illegal? Way to honor our boys and girls in blue who put their lives on the line everyday to protect your sorry arses…

We truly deserve way, way better representatives in the City. My god, I could seriously do a better job.

sfdragonboy for Mayor!

Hmmmm…the job does have its perks…

No, I hate making speeches. A District supervisor post would not be a bad idea. I grew up fairly poor and now am an owner, so I can be reasonably fair I think. One area that people will hate me for is with respect to the homeless. I would employee some tough love. Either you receive our help or you are out. No loitering or camping out on streets, especially in those areas where tourists are. 100% forbidden!!!