Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?

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The real story is Apple increasing its CapEx spending like crazy for the upcoming year.

If I am head of Apple’s Iphone division, I would plan to make the Iphone 8 the greatest thing since sliced bread. Not only to take advantage of the magic number 8 and make it so darn appealing to Asians but to just finish off Samsung from even wanting to try to compete in this space…

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Dude, you need to see a shrink about your 8-obsession. I am kinda glad you don’t have kids, as I suspect you will name them all 8’s…

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It wouldn’t be the first time someone named their kids oddly. George Foreman named all FIVE of his sons after himself. It seemed to work for him as he made zillions of dollars off those George Foreman grills.

Never question the power of the number 8… never

I started to like number 8 a lot. (I inform you this since I pointed out that number 8 was meaningless to Korean a while ago.)
My logic is that if someone does like it so much, there should be a very good reason for that. :slight_smile:

So you like the derivative of 8, instead of 8 itself…

8 is balanced.

Is a good idea to manufacture within the large market itself.
Apple is forced to manufacture in China even though US is a large market because component manufacturers had outsourced their manufacturing to East Asia (need to follow the supply chain), the environmentalists (hard and expensive to set up & operate factories) and the shift in American mentalities. Americans in general wants to be rockstars, prefer fast money-making jobs such as WS, and high value-added jobs like marketing and design. Grinding* is not their cups of tea. Just check out the startups, mostly started by white Americans employing Chinese and Indians to slog the details… if successful, White Americans became rockstar billionaires while Chinese and Indians are happy with their millions.

*Play video games, you realize Americans don’t grind.

I am not a smoker, but maybe with the Iphone 8 people can yack all they want on the phone while vaping from it… Is this a STRONG buy indicator for AAPL people??? :grin:

I won’t buy the 8. In my native tongue, 8 sounds like “hate” and is considered a hateful and unlucky number

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Seriously? Like I said before, I fully expect Apple to make the Iphone 8 the best thing since sliced bread to appease the Chinese folks. I should back up that belief by buying Apple stock in anticipation of that…

Lol, no the rumors about 8 sound pretty good and I might jump. I’m skipping 6s and 7 though.

Is doing very well… record breaking result… AH up to as high as $125.27 from close of $121.35.

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2.5%. Not exactly a Netflix kinda jump…

Apple is too big, hard to make that kind of leap.

Apple’s international sales accounted for 64 percent of the quarter’s revenue. Pray every night there won’t be any war, trade war or shooting war.

Trump administration could use this threat to compel Apple to set up factories in USA. Tim Cook has to work fast, it doesn’t matter what he thinks, is life and death.

Trump need not force but providing benefits to open factories in USA by reducing corporate tax to 15%. Apple or other companies repatriate funds from abroad soon. You see Foxconn+Apple jointly announcing 7B factory in US already. Tax reduction directly goes to savings and profit.