Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


Agree. Corporate tax is silly idea. Better remove corporate tax entirely and change to tax individuals only.

Also remove capital gains tax to attract investment for all over the world.


Ha ha… hopeful… also no inheritance tax, no estate tax :grin: . Income tax is progressive and corporate earns much more than individuals, so should tax corporate. Do away with capital gain tax is ok, is double taxation any way and is so complicated that fatten tax accountants’ pockets. However, please make sure hedge funds pay tax like us… at present, their corporate tax is same as capital gain tax rate i.e. 15%.


At today’s close, Apple market cap is $685B. Have it not returned $201B, its market cap should be $886B, wow :grinning:, $888B would suit sfdragonfly better.


The one stock, I own, but never review or look at it is AAPL now.


Of course Apple is going to jack up the price of the premium model (maybe 8)…


This is why my sons do not prefer iphone ! Samsung already introduced this and Apple follows (Wireless charging).

I use iphone, but with special case, gifted by my son, that enables wireless changing ! I like it.


7 is the perfect number, days of the week.

Speaking of phones, there’s a chain message going on in the media, pay attention.

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The news just shown in Singapore News Channel 5 to alert all Citizens to be alert and careful.


Uh, @Jil, had I followed my own advice in my 10/16 post above, would I have made enough to buy a very, very nice car???


I started liking Warren Buffet, the moment he touched the stock, and known to the world!, this has turned the corner ! hanera may not like this, but i bought it and holding on to it tightly !! For me, it is buffet magic.


Same thing says of Carl Icahn… did those jokers follow him out too?
Some articles claim that Carl Icahn is the reason for Tim Cook to decide on buy back and dividends, pure BS.
Carl Icahn dare not mess around with AAPL investors… he is very low key… not much of an activism when dealing with AAPL.
Similarly, AAPL investors don’t care about WB. I guess the WB followers follow him into AAPL.



You’re not the only one. I told my ex-colleagues and friends to move into AAPL when it is selling for split-adjusted price of a few dollars… they give all kind of reasons why AAPL is only an one trick pony… from Mac only to iPod only to iPhone only… even now, people are saying Apple is an one trick pony, an iPhone maker??? Wtf. Is hard to change a non-believer… they believe what they believe… no reasons, no evidences, no arguments can change their beliefs. Nowadays, I no longer interested in explaining many things to people, they already believe what they believe.


Yes, many follow. You do not believe in it, but it is true.

Carl Icahn means CEO gets lot of push, by sitting at board of directors. When he left, you have seen AAPL fallen from $133 to $94. Such people are insiders, they know more than common people do.

Icahn made ebay+pypl split, and wait and see what will happen to paypal…Since paypal was with ebay, they were not used by amazon. Now, they have a tie up.


Carl Icahn is a well known activist who create a lot shit for CEOs but he couldn’t do much with Apple management except a few silly public letters claiming credits because he knows trying to mess with AAPL investors which many of them are retail investors is foolish. Why don’t you ask him what he thinks of his decision to sell AAPL because he thinks Trump would likely win the election and would create problems with Apple because of Trump’s farting with China? Apple fell from $133 to $94 after he left? Very sure that didn’t happen… too lazy to check but pretty sure nothing much happen… off the cuff, I think he sold AAPL slightly above $100… well, looking at the chart, his sales might be the capitulation that lead to AAPL bottom… AAPL investors rejoiced that he’d finally left… is an irritation.


The recent run seems more like a scam to me:


Thomas Kee recommends shorting AAPL going into earning, he is on :fire:. Hope he is not another Andy zaky. Btw, he also shorts going into earnings. These bears are on :fire:.


I am willing to spend $100 more if iPhone 8 has a label made in America.
I personally think Apple is overstaffed these days.


Interesting. What make you think so? Operating cost going up or anecdotal personal experience? R&D cost is rising pretty fast, can’t be justified by current product, so I have to assume is for Project Titan and many unannounced new products, or just there are so much competition for the same kind of engineers… any1 with a little experience with self-driving car can command a few folds more than pre-… time is good for those engineers.


AFAIK, based on general feedback in IT circles, apple employees are tight work, it is not hype, but they work hard.


Based on R&D spend, there better be a bunch of new products. It’s not that expensive to keep making incremental improvements to existing products. Apple’s approach has been to offer very few products. It gives great leverage on R&D spend. It’s way cheaper to design the iPhone variants than the 20+ smartphones most companies offer. They also don’t offer much choice in laptops or the iPad compared to others.


Warren Buffett massively increased his bet on Apple

Jil would credit current run up to ATH as WB effect, not earnings. ATH close at $135.02, AH still going up.