Hmm, What Is Apple Doing?


I had friends to whom I called Chinese all my life.
They were Japanese. :laughing:

Then, one day at the immigration office, I spoke to a guy I presumed to be from Guatemala, he looked like a native from there. He made faces because he didn’t understand Spanish. He was from Indonesia.


By the way. My IPhone turned into a worthless piece of …art.

I had a feature not allowing you to use the phone while driving. It disappeared 2-3 weeks ago. And so being paired to my car Bluetooth.

By itself!


For the first time since I started using iPhone, I am experiencing quality issues. I upgraded my iP7 to iOS11 last week and the phone has become unstable. There’s noticable lag in response after the upgrade and I hate it.

I faced this issue after a year of use with 2 separate Samsung phones in the past and that’s what forced me to use iPhones even though I find iOS to be boring compared to Android.

Is this a sign of things to come?

If I can’t find a fox soon, I’ll personally be moving away from iPhone to Pixel or Galaxy phones soon. May even try OPO.


Man, I am tired of this crap. I guess my wifey linked my phone account so all of her work texts I am now seeing. Come on, wifey!!! We seriously need to go back to this:



Two more of my friends switched from iPhone to Android recently (one to Huawei and the other to Google Pixel). It’s contagious.


I hope Google gets serious about Pixel. My biggest issue with Pixel currently is that Google said they won’t provide OS updates for 2016 pixel after 2018. That’s ridiculous.

And add to it the fact that my colleague who loved her Pixel had her phone stop working abruptly last month. She could smell burnt smell from the charging port. The phone was still under warranty and Google’s response was slow and pathetic. Verizon came to the rescue and offered her a free replacement and even allowed to switch to iPhone. So even though she loved Pixel, she’s back to iPhones. I am apparently on the other side of the equation this week after iOS 11 update.

Anyone else here pissed with iOS 11 upgrade on older phones?


I have a 6S and the update seems fine. I’m forced to update. We get about a week to update to each new iOS version. If we don’t update, then IT deactivates e-mail access on our phone. That sounds cool until you realize it’d mean getting our your laptop way more often.


Who checks email on laptop after they leave office? Nobody that I know!


iPhone SE, iOS 11.2.2, no issue.


My wife’s Samsung has its own issues. But she hates Apple. No problem with my 7plus


I upgraded my old iPhone 6 to iOS 11 before giving it to my dad. I don’t think he has any problems with it, but then again he’s only using it occasionally as a mp3 player and it’s highly possible that he doesn’t notice the lag at all.


mp3? Even old man like me streams on Spotify… :scream:


SIRI(voice recognition part) needs to catch up big time. Google voice recognition is miles ahead.


I accidentally used Apple Map on my way to a new clinic in Daly City. The map tracked my car so slowly I bypassed it without realizing. I usually use Google Map. I thought Apple Map has mostly caught up but no, it still sucks. Will never use it again.


Spotify doesn’t have a good selection of Chinese songs. The ones he likes are so old that you literally need to dig them up from the archives and you still might not find them. Mp3 is the only way to go.


Ooow, I may need to hang out with Pops. I have a ton of chinese cds from old artists. Yes, me, the ABC boy…


She needs to know your exact whereabouts 24/7 to prevent you from cheating on her… :rofl:


Who, my wifey??? Girl is so worried that she gained some weight from Malaysia that she is hitting the gym and zumba everyday. She doesn’t have time to police me…


Oh… that is good… :rofl:


How come you have these types of cds anyway…they don’t play these songs at San Tung.