Home Buying Mistakes People Make For Their Kids


That was not the article I was expecting…

I was expecting it to be about grown kids.

Mistakes like:

  1. Offering to help with the down payment and then using it to veto the houses your grown kid and his/her spouse want to buy

  2. Trying to involve yourself in the offer details when you live in another state and don’t understand the Bay area market.

  3. Insisting on a great school district an hour away when your grown child wants a short commute and won’t be using the public schools anyways because they’re parochial/private/homeschooling or just fine with the public schools nearby.

  4. Insisting on checking the safety and desirability of the neighborhoods your grown kid wants to live in by contacting an old family friend who lives/lived in the area

  5. Insisting on an updated kitchen and bathroom in a tiny house when your grown kid and his/her spouse and their 5 kids, 4 dogs, 3 cats, 2 parakeets, and goldfish want more square footage–which is hard to add by oneself–instead of updated appearance which they could, in fact, do themselves.

  6. Using the failures in the housing search as opportunities to point out that real estate is cheaper where you live.