Home Features That Sell: Why Rustic Chic is all the Rage

  • Design elements associated with the “modern farmhouse” style fetch the biggest price premiums.
  • Self-admitted fixer-uppers sell for almost 28% less than expected.
  • Many higher-end, custom home features are associated with slower sales.

Top 15 features for sale price premium:

Feature Price premium
modern farmhouse 10.3%
waterfall countertop 9.4%
Moroccan tile 7.3%
craftsman 6.0%
exposed brick 6.0%
free-standing tub/bath 5.5%
quartz 5.5%
dual range/fuel 5.3%
metal roof 5.1%
pet/dog spa/wash/shower 5.1%
barndoor 5.0%
herringbone floor/parquet 5.0%
curbless 5.0%
heated floor; radiant heat 4.9%
teak 4.6%

Bottom 5 features for sale price premium:

Feature Price premium
water slide -1.6%
bike/bicycle/cycle storage/rack/hook/shed/tree/bracket/holder -2.9%
investment -10.0%
TLC -17.4%
fixer-upper -27.8%

Top 15 features for sale speed:

Feature Days Faster
smart sprinkler system 15.1
rattan 12.8
drought-resistant 12.0
mid-century 10.5
board and batten 8.7
Carrara 8.1
double-pane window 8.0
pergola 7.9
butcher block 7.4
smart light 7.3
fenced (back)yard 6.8
exposed brick 6.8
barndoor 6.5
vintage 6.1
open shelving 5.9

Bottom 5 features for sale speed:

Feature Days Faster
professional appliance -15.0
steam shower -15.7
steam oven -18.9
wine cellar -19.1
wellness -24.5

I am not a farm boy :grinning:

Fixer Upper was the queen of Farm Chic. They were 5 years ahead of their time.

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I always thought people over spent on commercial kitchens especially when they rarely cook. I guess that fad is passing.

Overpaid if you are cooking Western food. Definitely need commercial grade if cooking yummy Chinese food. Since mine is just run-of-the-mill cooktop/cooker hood, I eat out for those yummy food. Btw, some surprisingly good Chinese food, very good American seafood and breakfast restaurants around in Austin. All run by Americans. Those places are very crowded during Friday nights and weekends.

Fake news. Only the bay area has good Chinese food. Everyone knows that.

Name of seafood restaurant: Surf n Turf in Cedar Park Town Center.

Name of Chinese restaurant: Woks it 2 U in Leander.

Both are near my house. There are tons of fine restaurants in The Domain but I need to drive half a hour to go there. These two restaurants are within 10 mins.

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Sorry. Cheesy Chinese font is automatically disqualifying. Man, have you already forgotten what authentic Chinese food tastes like?