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Here’s a few pictures from my last couple of days in Marana. My back is still recovering from making the water hole (in hard pan - then lining it and rocking over the liner) but the birds came in almost immediately once I filled it. Loving it out there.


Is it pretty dry there? How long will the water last before you need to refill?

Under mild conditions I seem to be losing about 2" week. That would go to 4-6" in the driest months I estimate. There is a dedicated valve on the irrigation system I put in that right now runs water in for 10 minutes a week, which can be upped. The rest goes to head-start Palo Verde, Mesquite and Ocotillo to recover the desert from building and clearing a path for the electric line.
Yes, the landscape is pretty dry.


Next time use dynamite.

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Tempting but I wanted it close enough to the house to be able to see the action.