Home is not a good investment

Except tech hubs :crazy_face:

However, to BAGB, who ignore all costs, is a good investment :open_mouth:

“That doesn’t mean you can’t make money when you sell your home,” he added. “But even paper gains can be misleading, as you need to account for the cost of the transaction, the carrying costs leading up to the sale, and other factors.”

MFH or cashflow properties are. Bay area Multifamily is now costing almost $1M / unit to build (I think the case below is a little extreme)

You should wonder why they didn’t buy existing MFH stock which is running at about $500k/unit…

Faulty logic has been pointed out many times and I don’t want to bring up the saved rent and leverage again. Just read the article carefully since it gives counter points already. Saved rent is way than the so called “cost”

“ Certified financial planner Kelly Digonzini has a different take. She likes real estate as an asset class because it keeps up with inflation. She also thinks buying a house is the best way to build net worth over time.

However, her clients generally don’t usually look at their primary residence as an investment because they are living in it — and they don’t want to be forced to liquidate it at some point.

“The problem with thinking of your home as an investment at some point is you are basically assuming you are going to move,” said Digonzini, a senior financial planner with Beacon Pointe Advisors, based in Newport Beach, California.

“For some people, that is OK, if they know they are going to downsize at some point,” she added. “But for most people, they want to stay in their home.”

Being a landlord

Buying a home as a rental property is a different story and can be a good source of income”