Home owner insurance options

Hi friends,

Can you please recommend a good home owners insurance company?
Also please suggest the optimized coverage (not over the top) that is needed for an attached single family home which is in good condition.
Tried getting quotes online from some big companies, they seem to be ripping off.

thanks in advance

Depends on what you mean by rip off.

If you want low deductions and high replacement value, then you have to to pay high premium. On the other hand, I just want reasonable coverage, then I can get lower premium.

I have used AAA, Farmers, Allstate. These companies allows low (or reasonable) replacement value. On other hand, I experience with Nationwide and State Farm is that their replacement value is higher (1.5 to 2x more), and thus premium is higher.

Ive used many over the years and out of two companies that claims were made to Ameriprise through Costco was the easiest to deal with. All State not so.

During evacuations due to wild fires I took the kids to one of the evacuation centers to pick up mail and to look for missing friends. Also to show the kids how fortunate we were to have a home to stay in during evacuation.

Allstate and State Farm were there handing out water bottles and stuffed animals. They had their check books open ready to pay out claims. Sounds good at first glance. They offer way less than they would have if the clients waited to access the situation. For that reason I don’t use either of them.

One guy in the Allstate commercial sends his kids to a private performing arts high school. My kids did summer camps there. I get letters from him about the dire need of funding and omits that he doesn’t or does dontate I think we’ll perhaps he should pay more. Now a letter from the parent of a need based scholarship student might have opened my wallet had I not known how well endowed the school is. A friend teaches there

How much is a ripoff? It’s pretty cheap when you consider the value of a home.

Thanks for the insight folks.

Are you a serviceman, or son/daughter of one? If so, USAA.