Home Security Cameras


IoT poses growing cybersecurity risks

For consumers, pushing data about your home onto the cloud is not good especially most of the IoT & cloud for their data storage are not well protected. If use smart phone especially Android, risk of the phone being hacked is high.

So invest in SPLK and PANW :grinning:



I have my security cameras on. In 3 months all the good features disappeared. I can’t receive anything on my phone when the incidents happen. Ebay had a 30 days return. LOL

The problem is:

1- Too slow to dig into the “alleged time” where the incident happens.

2- Incidents happen to be low crime incidents to report. I wish to catch them in the act to get a beating. LOL

4 months ago, I was awaken by my 2 dogs. I opened the front door, and a guy was peeing on the corner of the garage of the next home but standing on my garden, by the seconds it took me to say “what?” and open the front door, he was about 12 yards from me, he turned around and grabbed a small bike out of the bunch I was keeping for the metal collector guy. He climbed it and went away. As I go to bed half naked, by the minute I spent putting a shirt on and grabbing the car keys, and saying to the neighbor coming from work that I was pursuing a guy, for that stupid reason, the guy had disappeared among a bunch of Vietnamese kids having a party 8 homes away. The bike was abandoned right in front of that house.

Checking the video, I couldn’t identify the guy even if he was in front of me. Worthless piece of security camera. Good for the day, worthless overnight.

Oh, SOBs, they have stolen since I’ve been here, from my front lawn or right from a place for my garden tools I have under my kitchen window:

1 A pick axe
1 shovel
2- squeegees
1- Big broom.

Darn it! in the middle of the night!


Yes, security cameras/system is only as good as camera resolution to identify culprits. But, if placed appropriately could act as a deterrent to some “on the fence” criminals. That’s the thing, you don’t hear or experience anything with them, so must be working…:slight_smile:


Seems like a decent deal, no? Has anyone installed one yet?


Cameras work fine.

They came in the middle of the night, parked their truck in front of the driveway space, grabbed my neighbors hammock and got away. A hammock?

The guy across the street had a camera, we could barely see who they were but 3 guys and a truck. :crazy_face:


Yeah, we can pass on the security cameras…