Home Security Cameras

Amazon just launched one.

Any1 did an in-depth study on home security cameras? Please share :grinning: Want to join the in-thing :slight_smile:

Why do you need one in Cupertino? I don’t think you even need to lock your door in that neighborhood.

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Need to be on top of in-thing… that is called investment. Need to buy one and try out. And invest in that company if good. If can scutify, better.

Um… I’d rather spend money on some more Apple gadget instead… :rofl:

We have two old threads about home security cameras and recommendations.

I have a similar stand-alone system in my Sunset home that has motion sensor cameras that will (if you want) send you pics to your cellphone. Records to a hard drive that rewrites over itself. On the road, can access camera views on cell phone. Good enough for me.

What’s the brand name?

No name. My computer guy builds out custom security systems for clients. The cameras were expensive though since I opted for higher definition cameras. No point if you can’t really see the perpetrators right? Cost me a few grand in total, but no monthly fees since everything else is online free.

You’re right. I am tangled in some legal situation now where I am going to be a witness for the prosecution of a couple hijacking a car and putting a gun to another guy’s forehead. The reason? My security camera only caught them when they ran away from the cops behind them, they had totaled a car across the street, but my camera didn’t catch them when they crashed.

The vision overnight is terrible, like watching a horror movie. :grin:

Well, in your specific example, not sure if higher quality cameras would necessarily help if they (like mine) are more pointed at my own home entrances for the most part. Sorry, every man and woman for him/herself…

I have 4 cameras, one pointing at the right side of my home, taking the spec from the sidewalk to the middle of the street, one to the left, one on my front door, and one taking the rest of the area from the top of my garage to the mailbox.

The reason I am in standby is because I provided the footage of the chase on foot. That was taken by my camera, but I have to be present, if they call me just to swear I provided the footage. Dang!

Ok, so not too different from my camera setup. I am on a corner, so yeah one day a car accident in the intersection might happen and I get a court subpoena. Not fun. I already get called for jury duty every year pretty much. In fact, I have to report again after Thanksgiving when I already served in a fairly big criminal case about 1.5 years ago.

Not fun at all. I went once already, and the shady people you see there, really puts the “oh my God!” in your mouth.

Oh, you mean criminal court house vs civil? For sure. Come on, in my case, the defendant was handcuffed to chair. He was dressed to impress in a suit but you can see the handcuffs. On decision day, they bring in two more bailiff or court cops, for a total of 4 in the court room. Of course, some “brilliant” millennium gal volunteered immediately without hesitation to be jury foreperson. Go right ahead…


That’s what makes this so amazing: Today, Wyze Labs introduced the WyzeCam, a 1080p Wi-Fi camera priced at just $19.99. Shipping adds about $6. (It will also be available via Amazon, but for $29.99.) More expensive to buy from AMZN :grinning:

IoT is a security risk.

care to elaborate?

Ring and Nest are what everyone around here are using. Videos look great, but location is crucial to getting a good face shot.

Man, that is cheaaaaaap now. So, if everyone is diligent about using cameras EVERYWHERE I would like to think the criminal element would be less daring. Let’s hope so anyway…