Home security system recommendations/reviews

Hi all,

What home security system do you guys have at your place? ADT? Simplisafe? or any other custom built system?
Looking fr something cost efficient and reliable.
Appreciate any guidance in this area.

thanks in advance

I have a stand-alone system that records to a hard drive. It can notify you whenever a designated camera(s) detect motion and you get an email message with the pic. You can also go on your smart phone and see what the cameras are showing when you are out of town. I just replaced the cameras with better resolution ones that are behind covers which help with the salt air here in the Sunset district. I purchased the system through a local outfit that does computer system servicing/sales. Cost me a few grand I think. No monthly fees.

Home was built with hardwired complete security system almost all windows and doors. I have adt pulse, working nicely. One time false alarmed by heavy wind, vibration with one of the doors. Camera enabled and fit in strategic locations.

Free installation with full equipment, but IIRC charges 55+/month. Note this is expensive option.

The best home security is made by Smith and Wesson

My rental was installed with ADT by my first tenant. Subsequent inherited the system.

I use Simplisafe. I think it works well. I like the flexibility of the system and even with top tier plan, I’m “only” paying $25 a month. Too bad they don’t have an integrated camera system . I use a separate cheap QSee camera system.


If you haven’t decided yet…

Check out wirecutter for reviews

Nest Security is excellent camera system with high quality video/picture. It has subscription service recording all activities for last 10 days in google cloud !

Selling your personal data is not good enough, you want Google to sell your physical behavior?

Get a Chihuahua, problem solved.

I am adding two more camera’s now.

Google track using phone (including iphone, but restricted), nest, camera, web clicks.web search…etc plenty of ways they track , summarized behavior and sold.

Linkedln, Facebook does those similarly.

Everything they do with or without the gadgets they produce and growing daily. IMO, we do not have any control on such tracking.

Apart from this, their video quality is better than many available security cameras. I have ADT Pulse and they linked to netgear lousy system, worth nothing ! When I connect nest with nest camera, quality is beyond comparison, 10 day cloud storage is really easy to review, exceptional quality and reliability.

Why Nest and not from UBNT?

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Nest , high qualify front end, is connecting through UBNT access point, high quality network layer !

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I’m looking to get 1-2 outdoor cameras but try to avoid Google :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

According to your link, just launch not long and available in Nov. So have to order online?

Does it work with Air Port Time Capsule/ Extreme seamlessly?

Whatever caiguycaiguy listed are enhancements or integrated security packages (like door cam etc) that is coming soon.

But, nest cam 720p is already in market for more than 2 years. They introduced nest IQ camera 1080p is available in market. Most of them you can get it in Amazon or Ebay.

Regarding connectivity, it is easy setup in 2 minutes and up and running fast. Google gives one month trial cloud storage, but later $10/month for first camera and $5/month additional camera. This is for 10 days continuous monitoring and storage of data.

Quality & Reliability, it is matching apple quality (nest was originated/spin off from apple I heard) .

Nest cam IQ true 1080p is good , but takes good bandwidth. Last week I bought one Nest cam IQ. but Nest Cam 720p ($150-$160 range) is more than enough (why pay additional $100).

Here is the 1080p camera captured at 720p level.

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Without cloud storage, is like a normal remote camera right? Can I view from a Mac or must be an iOS device? Roomba 980’s cleaning plan can only be viewed using an iPhone/ iPad :frowning: Can I store the video to a standalone hard disk? Without using cloud storage, isn’t it cheaper to buy a remote wi-fi camera which can be got for $50-$100?

Without cloud storage, is like a normal remote camera right?

Yes. You will see live activities.

Can I view from a Mac or must be an iOS device?

You need to download app (nest app) in iphone or samsung phone or any other smart phone (google pixel) to see live videos. You can also see PC or mac https://home.nest.com.

Can I store the video to a standalone hard disk? This is the catch !

Nest or Google has not provided a way to store in hard disk. Unless there is a hack for it, I am not aware of this local storage option.


All I account is forget the local recording and pay google monthly subscription for 10 days package!

Ahhh, now I connect the dots ! UBNT is trying to work out with GPRO camera ! They are also trying to enter in this area !

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Smart home is the in-thing :slight_smile: Soon they would add AR to that :slight_smile:

nest.com needs sign up… no for me. no to google. I use web search and other non-google stuffs. I avoid google like plague.

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