Home Supply Up 123% in San Jose, Nearly 100% in Seattle

Signals are emerging that the party may be coming to an end for home sellers in San Jose and Seattle, which have been two of the hottest seller’s markets in the country for the last few years. In the San Jose metro area, inventory in November was up 123.2 percent year over year, and in the Seattle metro it rose 96.5 percent. Those are by far the largest inventory jumps in all the metro areas Redfin tracks. Oakland experienced the third biggest inventory bump, with a 60 percent increase. National inventory was up 4.9 percent year over year, marking the highest level of inventory growth since June 2015.

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Meanwhile in SF there’s 60% more inventory this year compared to last year.

What are the inventory in absolute numbers and expressed in months of inventory?

Some article says that we are at 1994, not 2007. Housing price rose tremendously from 1994 to 2007.

Hope price could double from 2008 to 2021, which is not even an optimistic projection

Do you mean 2018-2021? For many zip codes, prices more than double from 2008-2018.

Core Bay Area should be able to double from 2018 to 2030? Which means a 6% appreciation rate.

So a Cupertino shack will cost 5 to 6M in 2030.

Sorry I meant 2018-2031