Home with foundation crack, Stay away?

I see a home to move in as primary, reduces my traffic from current 60 mins traffic to 10 mins track. When I reviewed the report, it shows a foundation crack. This is 1954 built home and crack is formed somewhere between. This shows me as a red marked item, stay away from issues. Just before dropping the idea, jotting down here.

Am I right staying away?

A house as old as I am is expected to have cracks.Not a big deal, unless there is more than 2-3" of settlement. .If on a hill watch for fill, if on flat ground look for heave from expansive soil…may have drainage issues. .Probably worst case a $50-$100k fix max…but a fix is not required…Though drainsge issues shoild be addressed. .
I just bought a house with 5" of heave from a tree that has been removed…Built in 1953, doesn’t bother me at all…

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Totally respect @Elt1 observations/knowledge, but it may be wise to still have an expert take a look at it IF you really like the home and it is priced accordingly to take into consideration a repair bill of @Elt1’s estimate.

Thanks a lot

I saw a house on flat land, but there is a slight slope of the neighborhood from right to left. Left sideyard is very slightly lower than right sideyard, probably the right side neighbors are slightly higher, left side neighbors are slightly lower.

When I view the house inside the basement, see wet soil right next to foundation on the right side. The basement is at ground level, it is not underground.

The concrete foundation is very old, probably 80-100 years old. The foundation looks old, but no big cracks. Is the water intrusion from foundation cracks, or water infuses from under the foundation? Will a drainage pipe help solve the problem? I was told that a new drainage system is a few thousand dollars, but a new foundation will be 100k.

Which city is the house? Check whether this is common in the neighborhood

Yes, @Elt1 is the expert here. From what I remember horizontal cracks are worse than vertical ones structurally. But he can confirm.

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Find out why there are cracks. In Foster City horizontal cracks can mean salt damage


Ask for a $100k price reduction due to foundation issue and buy it.


With current market condition, Seller will accept the 100k reduction offer.

It is better to assess the damage using inspection (structural, Foundation), estimate and ask for double of the estimated amount or 100k whichever is higher as discount.

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Maybe earthquake damage?


Like I said before with my own experience with a situation like this, check to see if it may have been due to lacking of downspouts or that water was not diverted away from home/foundation correctly. Water that keeps hitting that area of the foundation was bound to over time compromise it as the soil underneath may have given way.

What is the remedy if you do decide to buy?

This is a chronic problem not a crisis. Buy and rent it out. May not be an issue till you sell. Buy low sell low after collecting a good cash flow. Price accordingly.