Homeless Encampment near property for sale

My family needs to sell a townhouse in South San Jose. There is a homeless encampment close to the property and visible from several rooms. It looks like HOA cannot do anything and the city of San Jose has no plans to resolve this.

Any suggestions on how to deal with this?

Do you think it worth waiting 6-12 months hoping that it will go away?


It appears that there is nothing you can do about this. The homeless encampment may be gone in 6-12 months or it may expand even more if the authorities tolerate it. I think we in Bay Area are becoming more like the 3rd world, with increasing inequality - the very poor will be visibly living next to the well-to-do. Both groups just have to tolerate each other and get along with life.

My 2c: If you need to sell your townhome now, just go ahead and list it now. Don’t let the homeless encampment influence your decision.

Not trying to rain on your misery but this is a reason I chose not to buy an investment property in a certain area of San Jose years ago - the city had planned to setup a homeless center within a mile of the house.

I would suggest drumming up support on nextdoor and working with the larger community to find a lasting solution rather than treat this as a hot potato issue.

Homeless encampment are propping up all over. What are the solutions that come to your mind to deal with this issue?

Get together with your neighbors and apprise them of the negative consequences and spread the word. Then contact your city council members all together asking them questions and protest.

Do you call this solution? Have you tried this?

It has worked in Fremont very recently. Although not sure if it would work going forward.

Oh were you looking to eradicate homelessness? :slight_smile:

Kudos to the members of Fremont City Council. Cannot expect such things in Cupertino, Sunnyvale, and San Jose. Seems like from the description above, the San Jose city council is part of the problem.

Most homeless people are people abandoned by their near and dear. Why do they not want to take care of these people and dump them on society.?

The Fremont City council had to be pressurised to do it by city residents. They were forced to do it kicking and screaming due to public pressure.

This time they’re trying to change rules so that the homeless can be allowed to park in “safe areas”,questions haven’t been answered whether the homeless would be allowed to smoke marijuana, can be cited for trash and disorderly conduct, and also they aren’t mandated to have insurance or driver’s license. Basically if this passes the quality of life will most probably go down and crime up. The city council is only looking for their next jobs for their career growth(For e.g. the Fremont mayor is looking to go to the CA legislature). Only one city council member out of 7 has has asked questions which are for city home owners rights. The rest seem to be only talking about the homeless.

I was at Main Library of Fremont (paseo padre and Stevenson) last weekend . I noticed a person living in a tent erected over about 4 parking spots under the tree by the library building. I do not know if anyone has reported this problem. It looked like the person is settled for a while and people have just accepted it.

The property right is already being eroded in the country, and it is likely going to get worse.

These city councils are highly politicized and out of control.

I have a friend whose brother is mentally sick and on medication. My friend takes good care of him. I know the day my friend stops taking his care, his brother will end up with one of these blue tents.

If it is by the r/r off Monterey Road, they have been there longer than anyone can recall. 12 month or 36 months away there will be more camp outside or next to HOA. Just disclose that they are there often harmless. Downtown SJ many homeless dwell outside and they all quickly sell if you price them right.

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