Homeowners' Net Worth Vs Renters'


No surprise, but the magnitude (maybe?) of 36X!!! Never mind, widened now to 45X!!!


I assume you data geeks might find the referenced Fed Reserve report interesting…


That $194,500 (mostly in home equity) can turn into negative $100,00 pretty quick in the Bay Area… oh wait, prices never go down here… forgot :frowning:


Well, not in the long run anyway…


Yes! Home ownership is the greatest creator of the wealth gap in the US. It’s a major reason why poor people arguing for rent control is foolish. They should argue for construction and lots of it. That way they could afford to be owners and build wealth. Instead, they argue for rent control to keep their monthly expenses low while building zero wealth.


People rarely vote for their own self interest. .Building not only lowers rents it also causes more jobs and economic benefits. .Too bad the poor in SF were never taught basic capitalistic economics. .just Marxist propaganda. …“All developers are evil because they make money…therefore all development is bad”…even it there is 20% BMRs…what a pathetic bunch of fools…

What the poor and liberal political wingnuts don’t get is developers are always going to make money, just not maybe in their city…People in the building industry will always make money…so why spend so much effort to make sure they don’t. .Why not partner with these guys that know how to build and make money…Like old school Democrats like Willie Brown, Joe Alioto, even Bill Clinton. .These new Bernie Style liberal wingnuts are just plain idiots…