Homes with in-law unit

This is pretty common in areas of Seattle. The in-law unit is legal with permits and in the basement of the home with a separate entrance. The homes sell at a discount compared to a normal configuration. Are these a good way to go if buying with the intent of turning it from a primary to rental in 2-3 years? The rental yield is way better than a standard SFH. It’d be pretty easy to convert back once everything is worn out and needs replaced anyway. Seems like a way to collect higher rents and still get top dollar selling (assuming after 20-30 years it’d take some remodeling money to sell either way).

Most of them show up you search for “ADU” in remarks:,remarks=ADU

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Very common in the Sunset here. Illegal or mostly legal with the added rooms (bedrooms, bathrooms, etc). The added kitchen or stove would not be legal. Unit rented out converts what otherwise was a rent control free SFH to not though. Main house and inlaw(s) would now be subject to rent control. I do it with my own property since I have so much space on the ground floor that the additional few grand a month I get is nice. That practically pays off my entire mortgage. I will deal with maybe buying tenants out when I want to sell the place vacant but it is not a major concern. It is all about the cash flow and it’s flowing like that crystal clear water in South Lake Tahoe…