Hong Kong & Singapore is the place to be for economic freedom

Economic Freedom

Without political freedom, what is that economic freedom really worth?

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Worth a lot more. There will never be rent control for example.


By political freedom, means can call Obama not a Black or Trump an idiot?
Personally I won’t do that because they are elected by the people. So this kind of freedom I don’t need. I don’t buy US the A’s kool aid.

I totally disagree. You guys like to say crap like that, yet, you are here enjoying the fruits of real freedom. Like I said before, if you guys think China and places like that were soooo great, leave then. Plenty of people will take your place here…

To me, Bay Area is the best place in the entire world. Beats Hong Kong and Singapore hands down. No need to argue over what kind of freedom. Makes no difference… :wink:


This is what I called f… logic.
For example, if you think the board of SF is idiots, you should go to join the board. If you think Trump is an idiot, you should go to demonstrate. These type of statements sound logical but is fallacious.

Well @hanera and i are here from Singapore… :smiley:

But Wifey still wants us to move to Guangzhou or Singapore at some time. Us as in Wifey and me (not @hanera and me). :wink:

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Can I just enjoy living here because of the good weather? Is the weather a result of “political freedom”?


Without political freedom people have NO power. Then we have to blindly trust that the leaders over whom people have no control will be good to us over long term.

I would take political freedom + economic freedom and not just one.

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Best not because of economic freedom or political freedom. SV is the place of opportunity. Have not known of any place that have so much opportunities.


That’s the theory and I sort of agree. But we saw too much power in the people can also lead to bad results. Most African and Latin American countries are democracies and supposedly have political freedom. But I certainly don’t want to live there.

Democracy is only as good as the voters. If you have very well informed and educated voters it can work. But if your voters are crap and easily manipulated I am not so sure. Trump and brexit are certainly low points in western democracy.


I just read a very good book on china. Not the usual naive westerners harping on democracies. Very informative, highly recommended.

China’s Economy: What Everyone Needs to Know

Um… I did invest heavily into the BATs… :wink:

Bought from iBooks :slight_smile:

Banging my heads in not buying BATs when they swoop.

Now is as good a time to buy as any… :wink:

I hate ebooks. I have gone full retro and only buy paper books.

I for one appreciate USA. It can be improved, but it’s hell of a country hands down!

But i don’t have economic freedom in the bay, too sad!

I swear you don’t waste any opportunity to pump the love of your life.

I have a Kindle Paperwhite that I use occasionally.

Audio book is good. Ebooks harm your eyes