Hopefully Not One Of Us


Then NYC people need to be reminded that this mayor does not respect property rights and he would be voted out next time.

It’s the human nature and instinct to own the property rights. Most democrats and alsmost all republicans are really interested in preserving the property rights.

If we really want to protect property right, we have to keep it as a non-partisan issue. We all know that sometimes Democrates in power and sometimes republicans in power. No matter what, property right is the #1 issue for American citizens. It’s the fundamental civil right for Americans.

A few communist clones may grab the power from moderate democrats sometimes, but over the long term, I believe moderate democrats would prevail


Moderates are becoming scarce. .What scares me about Trump is the lefts reaction. …He may help drive the country left…Well at least the blue states…Especially in California. .Brown, Newsom, De Leon, Kamala…They are all using anti Trump rhetoric to drive a socialist agenda…I may have to use my Nevada exit strategy…Many of my rich friends already have.,


Wait, so where would you go to? Where have your rich buddies gone to? Colorado?


I mean I would move 6 miles to my vacation rental in Nevada and 1031 my rentals over into Reno and Carson…Well at least on paper…If I make my current Tahoe Keys house a vacation rental I can still live in it 182 days a year…Use the tax savings to travel 6 months a year while calling my Nevada house my permanent residence…Not hard to prove for tax reasons. …I do all my shopping in Nevada already…Have Nevada cell phones…Just need to get a Nevada drivers license and register my cars in Nevada…

The best thing is my Nevada house, 5bd 4 ba has a property tax bill of one quarter of my Tahoe Keys house…If the tax reform bill passes, It probably makes sense to move then…even before the commies take over with rent control, Statewide. …No rent control on vacation rentals…

I have one friend who lives in San Jose but gets his paycheck from Reno…“Lives” 183 days in Incline Village, his tax savings as a Nevada resident is about $30k/year


True, current Trump’s/Rep’s tax reform is major blow to Californians (+NY,NJ) as state income taxes are not added to itemized deduction.


Almost all my income comes from California rental properties. .I either have to 1031 out or leverage up to zero cash flow and buy stocks or out of state property. .Otherwise moving saves nothing…Not an easy decision. …I bet the Republicans will try to accommodate the high tax states…They are desperate for a legislative win, even if they will add to the deficit. .


Once you do not need to have a job in California, it’s easy to move to Nevada

Comparing Reno vs Vegas, which is better for living?


I am a skier and a boater…Vegas offers nothing to me…Too hot, too plastic and ugly desert views…I do like Red Rock Canyon, though…
I can live in Tahoe and be in Nevada don’t need to live in Reno


Home owners are a minority in many expensive cities. Therefor the masses will vote to confiscate property. There’s nothing property owners can do to stop it. It is the future as home ownership becomes out of reach for more and more people.


There is still Constituion. At certain point, you have to use federal power and state power to stop localized communism

UC Berkeley has posters about “New Communism”, I think communism should be treated as a real danger

Property right is the best weapon against communism. We should remove building hurdles and expand homeownership.

Millenials are flocking to urban centers. We need to promote homeownership among millennials to prevent them from brain washed by the so called “new communism”


You’re way too late. There’s a reason Bernie was so popular with young adults. It’s the promise of free stuff without having to work for it. It’s justified as equaling out the privilege that others have but don’t deserve.


Taxes for the rest of us…California is going to get hammered no matter what.
Out high cost of living creates a double tax already…


Wow. If they do that, then lower income people will get even more aggressive in their demands. They already have the narrative that poor people are victims. The rich are rich due to unfair privilege, so they don’t deserve the money. It’ll be downhill from here until there’s outright property and wealth confiscation.


Don’t worry, we’re not living in China in the 1960s. We are here in America in 2017. There will be no confiscation of personal wealth…


In a democracy, it can happen if the people vote for it. It’ll be called taxes.


Rent control is confiscation and it’s much worse than taxes


Yes rent control is bad but come on, there are many ways to deal with that. My cousin just Ellis acted the tenant and moved into his rental…


Liberals are complicit… I know they hate Trump.
But when the government takes your property
Everyone becomes a conservative


The leftists are working on taking Ellis away

Even with Ellis available, what’s the solution for an Ellis’ed 4-plex?

We have to be vigilant about property rights. As the history of rent control shows, they take a small step at one time, make it seemingly acceptable. But after many such small steps, you’ll find that you have lost your rights

I think it would be a lost cause if letting each city to decide on property rights policies. We need a safeguard at federal and state level.

Ellis and Costa Hawkins has been a state level safeguard, but some leftists are working on removing this safeguard


In California we have 39% federal tax Ss tax Ca tax obama care tax…Can add up to more than 60%, plus property tax, added gas taxes, sales tax up to 10% ( the state makes more profit than the retailers that collect the tax)

In reality the 50% that actually pay income tax support the 25% who don’t work at all…The other forgotten 25% called the working poor are just treading water…But if the top 10% who pay 90% of the taxes opt to leave the whole system will collapse

Expenses, pensions, health insurance costs all must be reduced. Plus regulations that drive away business must be eliminated or California will be bankrupt in 10 years