Hot Property: Reimagined Eichler south of Mitchell Park in Palo Alto

This house is getting the Chronicle treatment:

Southwest of Mitchell Park in Palo Alto, there’s a reimagined Eichler appearing on the market this weekend. The home embraces its midcentury roots and serves as a moment in time, while simultaneously boasting a design conducive to the needs of Bay Area residents.

“This is a redesign/rebuild to a standard that’s rarely seen,” said Arthur Sharif of Sotheby’s International Realty, who is listing the three-bedroom for $2.488 million.

Located in the Charleston Meadow neighborhood near Adobe Creek, the home is east of Stanford and just minutes north of the Los Altos Hills. The rebuilt home offers roughly 1,800 square feet of living space, along with an accommodating backyard with a level lawn, privacy fencing, a concrete patio and low-maintenance landscaping.

“Every single wall, floor, fixture and fitting is brand-new,” Sharif said.

Redfin listing:

But the house has been sitting on market for 32 days already with no taker. Something wrong with the location? Too close to Alma and the tracks? Or has PA market slowed down more than I thought? I thought 2.5M is entry price for PA… :thinking:

It looks pretty hot in pictures:

Definitely too close to Caltrain. Scare away people.

The fact that the seller tried to scoop up $1 million in less than 2 years didn’t help either.

Nothing price won’t fix. The question is how much discount for the tracks? I thought PA is super hot and buyers will forgive all kinds of sins. Apparently not.

A lot of money with no garage and an entry through the carport

There will still be people who buy without a garage ( even single car one ). However the proximity to the train tracks makes this one a very hard sell. Last year I saw a PA fixer upper listed at 1.3 mn which had the creek between the tracks and the house. It stayed on redfin for a month easily.
Even if you are willing to live with caltrain noise during regular hours, the big killer is the very long freight train that apparently runs at 3 am. Lots of residents have complained about the driver tooting the horn repeatedly at this time.

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That’s a good way to get into PA real estate though, instant discount on a house right next to the train track! I’m in! :slight_smile:

Sorry but no garage is a deal breaker for many…Besides garages are great for appreciation. .
Two-car garages are still the gold standard, offering the highest annual growth, at 6.4%. It makes perfect sense, considering that an average American household in 2016 had 1.9 cars, according to Nielsen Pop-Facts® Demographics. A one-car garage comes in next, at 6%, while three-car garages—a luxury amenity—appreciate at just 3.8%

Here is my take. When it is close to Caltran in Old Palo Alto, people can overlook it or have minimal discount. But west (or southwest) of the tracks, I would expect discount.

Just looking from my eyes as buyer who might want to live there as primary residence… Issue with this location is that it is isolated. It is bounded by creek, railroad, and Charleston. Good news is that there should not be a lot of street traffic except for neighbors. Downside is that this area is not that walkable; have to cross a busy street to get to the park; so not good for family with young kids.

Not sure about Eichler-like contemporary. Is that pro or con, vs Eichler or traditional?

But looks like a reasonable price to get into PA schools.

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This little neck of PA similar to the redwood circle property doesn’t sell as well. This location is slightly worse. Comps would place it above 2.3. Compared to the Monroe listing with PA address but LA schools this looks like a great value. You might ask if there is something so different about this neighborhood that it cannot catch up. Seems like it’s always been this way.

Wth is with the ad copy… it should say posh highly educated minority.

Good looking Eichers you got there. I have never seen Eichlers with swimming pools in NorCal. Way back when Eichlers were supposed to be “affordable” houses for the masses. :slight_smile:

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Price just dropped 100K. Maybe you are the lucky buyer who can get into PA for under 2M!!??

I think flippers without understanding the concepts of Structural Engineering and Acoustics are shooting themselves in the foot by rehabbing closer to tracks. They beautified it but what about the STC of the walls, windows etc. I’m rebuilding a house in this area from scratch and in the areas where it matters my walls go all the way to 13’’ thick ( versus ( 5’’ ). If one architects and design the house like an engineer there is a way to completely get rid of the noise.

The problem with thick walls and FAR area restictions is you loose a lot of valuable square footage…Less windows and laminated glass, like in cars, is a better solution. .I will take the house in Orange…Like the pool…SoCal is ideal for Eichlers. .mild winters…hrd to heat them in Palo Alto…of course in Socal you need AC or a pool…this has both…and a garage for half the price…But where the hell is Orange…how far from Laguna?

It is all about being on the beach side of 5…Better house better location for the price…

The last price cutting worked! It’s now pending. PA never lets me down! :slight_smile: