Housing Bill Will Solve CA Housing Crisis but Too Good to Pass

Wiener’s bill, SB-827, flies in the face of every assumption Americans have held about neighborhood politics and design for a century. It also makes intuitive sense. The bill would ensure that all new housing construction within a half-mile of a train station or a quarter-mile of a frequent bus route would not be subject to local regulations concerning size, height, number of apartments, restrictive design standards, or the provision of parking spaces. Because San Francisco is a relatively transit-rich area, this would up-zone virtually the entire city. But it would also apply to corridors in Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego, and low-rise, transit-oriented suburbs across the state. It would produce larger residential buildings around transit hubs, but just as importantly it would enable developers to build those buildings faster.

Transit-rich zones under Wiener’s bill:

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A lizard with a detached head is the solution?

Believe me, us owners with properties in places like near Chinatown are waiting anxiously for higher density mandates to be the law of the land.

It is the only solution. Down zoning has been going on forever. Time for up zoning… Make Palo Alto all high rise…

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Wiener’s bill will die no doubt. But that signals some kind of sea change. The YIMBY movement is gaining momentum. The millennials have had enough of old timers’ NIMBY bullshit.

SF could always pass something similar on their own to show they are a cutting edge and world class city. Oh wait, they’ll just keep rejecting development, because it adds 2% shadow on a park. That’s real thought leadership.

Still working on that list of 3 things why someone might want to visit San Jose?

San Jose’s version of a cool light display:

San Francisco’s version of a cool light display:


SF’s version of a baseball team:


San Jose’s version of a baseball team:


Shall I continue, @marcus335?

San Jose would have gotten the A’s but the Giants were crying about it. Turns out that almighty city of SF needs SJ fans to be financially viable.

Wow, took you long enough to find anything eh? That list is a joke if I ever saw one. Why would someone come from Peoria, ILL to taste wine from San Jose or eat food from San Jose? Oh, the answer is, they wouldn’t…

“San Jose, a.k.a. the Capital of Silicon Valley,”

Wow, ok…

I would like to see yimby riots as pervasive as the 99% er riots. Yimbys need to show passionately how much they are being screwed over… way worse than the supposed 1%er tyranny … Time to step up young people. Demand your rights…

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The debate isn’t about tourism. It’s about which city to live and work. You just brush off every single data point and repeat your opinion. There’s really no point in me doing further research to present facts. You’re just going to ignore them and repeat your opinion.

Yes, that’s right. There is no life in San Jose. You need to stop playing with your guns and help your San Jose become a great city…

Translation: I can’t find anything more on Google promoting San Jose in any way or fashion so I better use the “There’s no point in me doing further research” excuse…

Wow, wait until I tell my beautiful wife about the great wines of San Jose…

It’s time you treat your wife to some real Chinese food only found in San Jose. :wink:

Which one?

Shakira concert in SAP Center, SJ

Hips Don’t Lie

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Where is ding tai fong? Haidilou? Meet fresh?

All the high profile Chinese restaurants have chosen to open in South Bay not San Francisco.

By the way @hanera is right about meet fresh. Not a fan.