Housing for Berkeley Law School

I’m not that familiar with the Berkeley area. One of my friends from here is going to Berkeley Law school in the fall. Are there any affordable areas near there or should he look at student housing for married couples? He’s using the GI Bill, so he’ll get a monthly stipend. His wife will be working at a hospital (hasn’t determined which one yet). He wants to finish law school debt free.

Hi M - I’m just admiring the irony of this request.

On a business-friendly forum, the request is going out for a rental - in Bezerkly, a super-tenant friendly locale, to lease to an aspring lawyer as a tenant!!!



Check out Oakland much cheaper


If he plans to drive to school, El Cerrito, Albany, North Oakland, west Berkeley are a little less expensive. Richmond is cheaper but neighborhood can be dangerous.

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Orinda is safe and inexpensive. But not sure how bad the traffic is


I think university housing for married students might be the best deal. I’ve stayed at University Village in Albany before and found the units decent to live in. They probably have a bus going to the law school and biking is another option. Driving a car to campus is not a great idea because of the parking situation.

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