Housing, Inclusion, and Social Equity

Lessons for the US

Forcing racial integration only works if the government controls most of the housing stock. I don’t mind that actually. All the neighborhoods I have lived since coming here are pretty diverse. In fact I’d be scared to live in a entirely white/black/Hispanic neighborhood. A bit of everything has always worked for me.

The cowboy individualism in USA will never adopt Singapore style policies. Everyone is a delicate flower here and his/her wishes takes priority over the society’s as a whole.

You should look at the history of Boston. The city lost a lawsuit and had to desegregate schools by busing kids all over the city. Suddenly, none of the public schools were safe from violence. The end results was anyone with financial means pulled their kids and went to private school. The public schools got even worse.

Marcus, the same thing happened here in the Sixties. .especially in Berkeley

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Singapore has the world’s most efficient government. If any of our city governments here is just half as efficient we would be in a totally different world. But it also demands a lot out of its citizens. There is no free lunch, even though it does provide free housing and medical care…

Like you can’t say any bad things about other races and religions. They will sue your ass off and put you in jail. There was a kid who put up some “disrespectful” video about the late Lee on youtube and boy did he pay for it. @hanera is that kid locked up in some psychiatric wards?

No idea. Didn’t follow the story. AFAIK, most Singaporeans think he has no respect, and deserved it. Singaporeans believe in respect for authority. Occasionally, some went overseas and try to bring back ideas that are not accepted by conservative Singapore e.g. Gays are not accepted in Singapore.