Housing prices decline all over Bay Area—except San Francisco

I thought San Francisco is doomed? :thinking:

That’s the same dear old friend sfdragonboy in the comments section? The “Cha-ching” is kinda like his signature.


One word: Jobs

But I must say that as a SF native, there is truly something special about the Fab 7×7. Yes, we have the homeless (who doesn’t?) and a clueless Bored of Stupidvisors, but otherwise the city is primed for the future. Big Tech is here and booming and with global warming happening almost everywhere, our relatively mild climate will really be desirable and sought after. Cha-ching, Owners!!!

Posted on Jul 22, 2019 | 8:37 PM


Good to know our old friend hasn’t changed one bit… :smile:

Why did dragon boy desert this forum? Anything particular incident?

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People dumped on him too much I guess?


Since he’s gone, I’m like the only person posting random crap.